Episode 2 & 3 Impressions: Yatterman Night


After declaring war on the Yatterman, the path for Leopard is set. Or should we say Doronjo! As the newly reformed Doronbow team sets out on their journey, uncertainty arises for the future of such a young child facing the world.

After preparing to match their newly assigned roles as the new Doronbow, Leopard and her companions set off for the Yatter Kingdom to seek their revenge. However, upon arrival the team is outmatched by the fact that there are hundreds of Yatterman robots.

While fleeing and seeking shelter, the team come across an empty home that is owned by a blind kind-hearted woman named Alouette. After her childhood friend Galina finds the team enjoying food with Alouette (who Leopard feels a mother’s warmth from), he nearly drives them out. But after fooling a pack of Yatterman robots, Garlina reveals the truth that both his and Alouette’s parents were forced to work day and night until their untimely death by the Yatterman.

e2-3yattermannights08After the team chooses to leave in order to grant Galina’s wish to keep Alouette safe, Alouette is heartbroken. Feeling Leopard is her angel she has been waiting for since the death of her parents. Before the Doronbow team gets too far away, a pack of Yatterman hold Alouette and Galina hostage and threaten their lives.

I definitely had a bit of fear coming into episode 2 of Yatterman Night, mainly because it had a slight tonal change when it came to the Doronbow facing off against the Yatterman. Moving to more of a silly cartoonish nature rather than the serious tones it set up the series with. However my fears were put to rest at a rapid rate as they fled and met Alouette.

The moment Alouette called them her angels and struck a mother’s cord with e2-3yattermannights14Leopard, I began to feel a warm connection with the characters and their struggles. Simply put, Yatterman Night is turning into a show that really surrounds an innocent child trying to take a weight that stretches beyond what she can comprehend. Very slowly realizing this, her spirit still holds onto the charm of innocence.

This innocence shines when her ambitions are shouted out and her goals for the Yatterman isn’t to end them, but to punish them with a flick on the forehead. Which is the most painful thing she can think of.

Backing up to Alouette and Galina, I loved the addition of these two characters and how they fit in the show. Galina is untrusting and is forced to accept the situation thanks to the broken nature of Alouette. Alouette may finally face what she’s ignoring thanks to Galina allowing them to go along on the journey. Both e2-3yattermannights15are finally moving forward, despite the danger. All thanks to the innocent bravery of one angel.

Though there’s always the spot in the back of our minds that believes both are in fact descendants of the Yatterman.

Yatterman Night remains a hidden gem this season. Offering a nice mix of comedy, drama, and a rare urge to root for a likable cast. While there’s still an ongoing fear of how well they can continue to deliver this great mix, and the cartoonish comedy sometimes is far too contrasting of its serious tones, there’s just too much to love about this show to even care.

Episode 2: We’ll Give Yatterman A Forehead Flicking
Episode 3: We’re Not Angels But We’ll Pretend To Be




  • Heartwarming moments
  • Good insert of comedy
  • Great additions to cast


  • A few.. awkward moments
  • Some fearful cartoonish action

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