Episode 2 Impressions: Maria the Virgin Witch


Maria’s actions may be a thing of miracles when it comes to the folks that have to sacrifice themselves for their country on a daily basis. However the balance of nature is not one to be messed with as Maria will soon find out.

Maria continues her efforts in keeping the battlefields cleared and the bloodshed from continuing as England and France continue their skirmishes. Though her actions are not going unseen by the heavens. After summoning an incubus to satisfy some of the latest trends in sexuality, Maria is nearly faced by a grown man’s desires before summoning a huge serpent.  Much to their surprise, this serpent is quickly banished by a ray of light sent down by Archangel Michael.

Later, as a band of thieves ransack the village that Ann lives in with her grandmother, Maria intervenes once again and summons a great beast to strike fear in the men’s eyes. However once again, Michael steps in. This time, in person.

Maria continues to impress with both its pacing, comedy, and interesting storytelling.  While I have some personal dislikes with the show’s humor, I can’t help but find myself laughing on a regular basis.  Caught off guard by the wacky circumstances that the characters find themselves in.

I really loved the chemistry of Ann speaking to Maria about the church and the religious elements of the world they are in. It was a rather cute and clever way of revealing the religious systems and the angels within the world. At the same time, the episode also managed to really spell out the flaws in people’s beliefs, angels duties, Maria’s self-centered nature, and human self-preservation.

The battle between Maria and Michael was pretty exciting as well, although incredibly short-lived.  Michael had e2mariathevirginwitch11some strong points, but also matched his emotionless eyes with a sense of duty.  No anger, no hatred, no sorrow.  On the other hand, Maria was fierce and determined.  I love how the character design really portray that.

I really wonder how this is all going to lead into the initial synopsis.  It really does seem like Maria’s powers wouldn’t be remaining in tack.  Although I can say, I hope the humor eventually finds a different gag to run off of.  The virginity element, while funny, is running out of steam.

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Episode 2: Against the World




  • Lots of laughs
  • Great character art and expression
  • Battle with Michael
  • Great pacing


  • Virginity joke getting overused

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