Episode 2 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


Climaxing at Kaneki’s sudden defection to Aogiri Tree, the assault on the Aogiri hideout had come to an end. Lives were lost, heartbreak was felt. But there’s still a war to be fought. The CCG isn’t going down without a fight, especially after their recent humiliation…

e2tokyoghoulroota1Upon clicking play, we are greeted with a flashback involving the likes of Mado, Shinohara, Arima and the Owl. After their altercation sheds more light on past relationships, we switch back to the current timeline where a special investigator’s meeting has been set up for strategizing purposes. As they crack down on ghoul activity in the different Wards, the Anteiku seems to be gearing up for its re-opening. Everyone is in high spirits, except Touka. Trying to keep her mind occupied, she focuses on getting into Kamii: the prestigious university Kaneki attends.

Back at the CCG, promotions have been handed out. Amon, who is now a senior investigator, gets a new partner assigned to him. She turns out to be none other than Kureo Mado’s daughter: Akira Mado. Wasting no time, she instantly flaunts her talents, much to Takizawa’s dismay since they were academy rivals. She even manages to put a leash on Amon, despite being lower in rank. The episode ends with contrasting scenes of criminal Aogiri activities and the warm Anteiku re-opening before Eto’s identity is teased.

e2tokyoghoulroota2After last week’s action-packed episode, a breather felt necessary. Being completely void of flashy fights, this episode was more on the informative side of the spectrum. When it came to the strategy meetings, I enjoyed being a fly on the wall. Not only because of the accuracy of their observations. Learning about the dynamic between the characters was interesting as well, and at times even funny. Poor Amon can’t catch a break.

But there was more and equally interesting information that was shared. Although not as emphasized, Hide’s part-time job at the CCG and Yoshimura being suspected by Iwa were little pieces of information I definitely appreciated. I must also point out the symbolism in this episode. Kaneki drinking a cup of coffee is irrefutable proof of a strong connection between him and the Anteiku. Lastly, can I mention how awesome that “Glassy Sky” soundtrack was in conjunction with the closing scenes? We are looking at an amazing OST album if we’re going to get a song like this every week. Another great episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A; Studio Pierrot and Ishida are proving to be quite the tag team.

Episode 2: Dancing Flowers





  • Informative
  • Akira’s entrance
  • Hints at Eto’s identity


  • Aogiri Tree scenes weren’t explained, felt random at times

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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