Episode 3 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


After last week’s moderate information dump, we knew more about the current standings on both sides of the ongoing human-ghoul racial conflict. As the CCG is gathering intel, the Anteiku and Aogiri Tree carry on with their own business. How much longer until we hit another boiling point?

Instant clarification is granted when we find out that last week’s Aogiri raid on the police was in fact a rescue mission. During Naki’s (Yamori’s underling) retrieval, Kaneki’s strength gets tested by two masked one-eyed ghouls.

Elsewhere, affairs a lot more peaceful. While Hinami heads out to a book signing by Takatsuki Sen, Touka visits Kamii University where she bumps into Hide. They have an unreserved conversation about Kaneki, much to Touka’s satisfaction who’s clutching at answers despite her fabricated stoic persona. Hinami manages to get Takatsuki’s signature, but the writer’s inexplicable interest in Kaneki leaves Hinami feeling uneasy.

On the CCG front, Hide, completely in character, lets his curiosity run loose around Takizawa after a delivery. We learn about “Cochlea”, a ghoul internment center in the 23rd Ward where they keep S-rated and SS-rated ghouls. As an all e3tokyoghoulroota2too eager Takizawa continues to elaborate on ghoul behavior, Akira enters the room and suspectingly takes notice of Hide’s obsession.

At the CCG lab, Suzuya receives his quinque and names it after his last victim in peculiar fashion. Meanwhile at Aogiri Tree, it is revealed that Tsukiyama and his gang used the uniformal masks to close in on Kaneki. Most likely in an attempt to get answers, much like Touka. Finally, the CCG’s investigation exposes the eyepatched ghoul’s identity, nullifying any chances of Kaneki going back to a regular life off CCG’s radar. Ending scenes show Kaneki and Ayato looking down on what seems to be Cochlea.

Whew, that was a lot. Having the same motive as last week’s episode, this week was all about information. Adequate time being spent with all involved parties of the conflict elevated a stage for streamlined build-up. Elements containing e3tokyoghoulroota3mystery (like the female one-eyed ghouls) and less ambiguous elements (like Suzuya getting his quinque) contributed to the overall enjoyment of the episode. But my favorite moment had to be Takatsuki’s interaction with Hinami. The close-up shots of her jaw reminded me of Eto’s jaw shot last week. It also explains her sudden enthusiasm upon hearing Kaneki’s name… I’m on to you, Ishida.

I also like how Touka and Tsukiyama & company have the same questions, but have opposite ways of approach. While Touka is a lot more passive, Tsukiyama is going in rambo-style, figuratively watering at the mouth. When it comes to investigative capabilities, the CCG showed some real class. I expected nothing less from Akira though.

The only negative remark I have is about Naki. For now, his obsession with Yamori doesn’t make much sense because we don’t know his story. This makes it hard to sympathize with him. Other than that, I loved this episode.  Slightly more intense than last week, it shed more light on developments. I’m sure a storm is brewing and that it’s not so far away anymore…

Episode 3: Hangman





  • Great build-up
  • Mystery (Eto and one-eyed ghouls)


  • Naki?

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