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Otaku Spirit » Episode 4 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Episode 4 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


Two weeks of mainly set-up served as a writing on the wall, predicting bloodshed in the streets of Tokyo. With Kaneki’s eyes fixated on Cochlea, the next battleground seems to have been determined.

Despite recent progress made by the CCG in the Aogiri/Owl investigation, there is still a drought of information. Headed to Cochlea to retrieve such information are Amon and Akira. But little does Akira know that Amon is about to meet his father, the SS-rated Donato Porpora. Having been an investigator killer and mass predator in the past, Donato is now referred to as a “priest” because of his treasurable knowledge. However, reflections on a grim past are interrupted by Aogiri Tree’s raid on Cochlea.

As Cochlea gets drenched in a bloodbath, Suzuya and Shinohara rush to the scene to provide backup. Fate doing its magic causes Suzuya to bump into Kurona and Nashiro, the one-eyed ghoul duo. Much like with Amon and Donato, implications of a loaded past are shown. Ayato faces Shinohara. Seemingly a fight that was written in the stars as well since Shinohara’s Arata has a connection with Ayato’s father.

e4tokyoghoulroota2Aogiri Tree’s motive is to retrieve Shachi Kamishiro from Cochlea. But although their infiltration goes smoothly, the actual retrieval isn’t a walk in the park. Shachi smells Rize on Kaneki and goes on the offensive. But when Kaneki remembers what’s dear to him, a burst of willpower causes him to transform.

“Logical outcome” is what comes to mind after watching this episode. It was obvious that all of the recent build-up was taking us somewhere. Rather than being straightforward with its exposition, there were far more implications that kept the viewers wondering while enjoying the emphasis on action. But despite the satisfaction I felt, I couldn’t help but notice some flaws. First of all: Cochlea. A ghoul internment center that has SS-rated ghouls shouldn’t be that easy to breach. If street-patrolling investigators wield quinque, I expect security at such a facility to be on the same level.

e4tokyoghoulroota9My second issue is with Kaneki’s sudden power-up. Friendship shounen trope anyone? I definitely thought that Tokyo Ghoul was above needing that. Especially when remembering Kaneki’s transformation in the previous season that was far more complex. But it wasn’t all bad. Akira’s resilience in the face of multiple ghouls was refreshing in a medium dominated by males saving damsels in distress. Kaneki getting a beating was also appreciated on my end. Many a time have I seen such characters develop a god complex after achieving new strength, but I’m sure Shachi’s skills prevented just that.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. There were several connections between characters and interesting match-ups. It’s just a shame that the quality got dragged down because of the previously mentioned issues.

Episode 4: Deeper Layers





  • Connections between characters
  • Fights
  • Akira being a strong female character


  • Cochlea too easy to breach
  • Friendship shounen power-up

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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