Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Review


Studio MAPPA returns with a new series based off of the hit mobile card game. While the source material isn’t much to write home about, the studio seems to work its magic in utilizing its vast characters to create a world you’ll actually enjoy!

In Mistarcia, a world where humans live along side gods and demons, the fight for power is always a stone throw away.  Power no greater than that of the destructive Bahamut that was once sealed away by the gods and demons many years before.  After doing so, the keys were then split into two and distributed to the gods and demons, never to be brought together.

However, now in the present day, it seems that a dark force would have them brought together once more as the key from the gods has been stolen.  At the same time, a girl named Amira descends upon the world and seeks to get home to the land of Helheim.  While alone at first, she soon would forcefully enlist the aid of a bounty hunter named Favaro who is being persued by an old friend (and rival) Kaisar.

e3rageofbahamut1Rage of Bahamut: Genesis isn’t really a deep story with deep character development, but it does manage to create a very simple to follow concept that drives the story from beginning to end.  There’s no attempt to over complicate anything, which is quite refreshing in a 12 episode series.

Instead, the show focuses on driving the moment to moment with rich characters and a constant flow of events that prevent the series from dragging or becoming boring.  There’s no heavy dialog to consume, there’s very few events that feel rushed, and it’s just plain action and fun.

The characters are definitely where the show excels.  Favaro is a silly and easy-going protagonist that manages to bring energy into the show; Amira is a bit slow but cute and lovable without pushing too cutesy; Rita is amazing, clever, and even e3rageofbahamut9pushes to some dark humor; and Kaisar, while a bit annoying in his obsession with Favaro, balances out the adventure with a more noble side.  Together this chemistry makes this show exciting, fun, and full of action at the same time.

MAPPA definitely shocked people when they broke out with Terror in Resonance during the Summer 2014 season.  With their return in Fall 2014 with Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, one can definitely say that they are a studio to keep an eye out for.

With so many studios doing CG incorrectly, MAPPA shows everyone how it’s done.  While they aren’t perfect and there was a few moments of CG obviousness, overall the show looks fantastic and really brings the energy to life.  Constantly e3rageofbahamut6moving characters, flowing combat, and beautiful environments that really bring you into the world.

As stated before, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis isn’t really all about a deep story or heavy character development.  Even if there is a few characters that get some development, the joy in this series is in its moment to moment action and adventure.  If you’re looking for an escape from heavy dialog and slow shows, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis is a ride you can jump right into and enjoy.


Great Fun and Adventure


  • Great visuals
  • Fun action and adventure
  • Fun characters and chemistry


  • Final episode a bit rushed
  • Some cheesy moments
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