Cutest Characters: Winter 2015 Edition


It’s that time again! Time for the cutest characters to be given their time to shine as we run through the Winter 2015 Season.  From ships, to clay, twins, and witches.  This season certainly made narrowing it down difficult.  As usual, the seasonal list of cutest characters consists of the most adorable to the most waifu material.  Now let’s get started!

Maria the Virgin Witch

From the moment I seen the PVs for Maria the Virgin Witch, I was stuck on Maria for her great character art.  Truly unique with a mix of fantasy, awesome, and sexy to boot.

What a surprise to find the character matching her very silly title when she came out as a very self-conscious character.  Despite the show being very promiscuous and racy in content, Maria shines as a character with some really awesome convictions.  She’s caring, kind, lovable, and strong.

Mairu and Kururi

Okay, so I’m cheating with this one, but hey, my list, my rules.  Technically Mairu and Kururi is a special case, as is with all characters in Durarara.  Almost two sides to a single coin, they are matching girls that make their personalities for their own identity sake.  And who doesn’t like the prospect of these two outspoken and forward school girls?

The bookworm-looking cheerful chatterbox and the laconic gloomy girl who often wears gym cloths (As their brother so elegantly puts it).  Just remember two things before calling up these twins: they swing both ways, but their brother Izaya Orihara is already in their picture; and of course, Izaya Orihara is their brother.. so don’t screw up.


While Kancolle is jam-packed full of cute, adorable, good-looking, waifu candidates, and just lovable characters, Kongou became a special case for me.  Mainly because I was very off-put by her personality at first.  However, like any good love story, things changed over time as all of her layers were peeled away.

What started out as an overly hyper and genki character turned into a character that I began to love.  She’s just the perfect big sister type that manages to brighten up a room, and at the same time, she kicks major butt on the battlefield.  Equipped with enough firepower to destroy a fleet, Kongou manages to break the wall of genki-dislike with minimal effort.. desu..

Yatterman Night

Probably the single most defining reason for creating this list for the Winter 2015 Season,  Leopard is the definitive cutest character of the season.  Taking adorable and innocence to the level of “WHY CAN’T I HUG THROUGH MY SCREEN!”

In watching Yatterman Night, we are overwhelmed by emotions brought to us by the terrible endeavors that Leopard is put through.  All the while, she makes us smile in her overcoming those endeavors.  As she takes on the world, we can only sit and watch with tears in our eyes and love in our hearts.  Waiting for the moment that she will flick the foreheads of her enemies.

Megumi Katou
Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Easily taking the spot for the most waifu material of the season, Megumi single-handedly saved Sakano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- for me.  As she stands, with little to no presence, in the midst of loud over-used archetype cast, Megumi captured my heart.

She’s just cute and likable in many ways.  She’s calm, yet charming in her own way.  Which also makes one wonder why the main character would be so dumb as to seek to change her.  “She’s perfect, she doesn’t need to change!” we scream at our screens.

That wraps up the Winter 2015 season of cutest characters!  If you have a pick that didn’t make this list, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know!  Member of the forums?  Chime in on our thread as well.  Also be sure to drop in each season as we highlight the best as Japan is in no shortage of fabricated characters we fall in love with!