Episode 17 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


The aspect of Count Mazuurek’s failure on the battlefield doesn’t take long to reach Count Barouhcruz and Marylcian. Assuming him to be lost, they make for their second course of action against the newly appointed Terran.

The Deucalion prepares to once again take off after getting repairs and returning crew members. Of course this means Yuki will finally be able to confront Inaho. She struggles with Inaho’s role in the battle. Although his firm stance on rescuing Princess Asseylum is made quite clear. He’ll stop at nothing to rescue her, and he knows the one on the broadcast is indeed an imposter.

After parting ways with Yuki, Inaho confronts the now captured Count Mazuurek. After proving his connection to Asseylum, it seems that Inaho wishes to prod the Count to establish his alignment with the princess. Loyal or not. This is because Inaho realizes that Mazuurek is for peace, just like Asseylum, and he desires to use Mazuurek to help find and protect her.

Though this doesn’t go completely cut and dry as Rayet is pulled into the situation e17aldnoahzero05and old wounds begin to crop up. Rayet’s hatred for not only the Martians, but for herself as well. Similarly for Slaine and his plans, it seems Lemrina no longer wishes to sit in the background as she welcomes in Count Barouhcruz and Marylcian to Slaine’s Moon base.  Slaine’s role as her (disguised Asseylum) protector is now in question.

Rayet finally makes her comeback, as can be expected when the Deucalion takes in a Martian prisoner. I have to admit that I’m quite glad they took a break from battles for this episode as it gave us time to focus on something besides Inaho’s amazing combat skills. Rayet’s struggle with strangling Mazuurek, pairing up with Inaho, and many other scenarios at play.

I really enjoyed the route they ended up taking with Mazuurek, despite it being rather obvious with how they played him out to be so peaceful and being captured. Still, the exchange was great between the two.  Vetting out lies, establishing alignments, and securing an ally.

e17aldnoahzero11On the other front, I’m glad to see them finally bring Lemrina back into the mix.  We had signs of her taking a bigger role, but to jump ahead and welcome in the two Counts, I’m rather interested to know what is going through her mind.  Especially if she cares at all for Slaine.  Or perhaps she doesn’t care at all for him and just desires to take the power her sister had.

Either way, it’ll be fun to finally see Slaine take on something besides standard soldiers.  But we all know how that will end..  Just like we all know Mazuurek is a dead man.

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Episode 17: The Turning Wheel




  • Great return to characters
  • Great conversations
  • Mazuurek’s role
  • Lemrina’s mysterious intentions


  • None

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