Episode 18 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


A duel is underway as the Tharsis piloted by Count Slaine faces off against Herschel piloted by Count Marylcian. ¬†Slaine’s first real opponent and his only method to saving his position as Assylum’s guard.

While Slaine prepares for his upcoming duel with Count Marylcian, struggles with maintaining his presence as a man wanting to bring the Orbital Knights together comes into question. While he manages to put on a good face, doubts remain among many.

Elsewhere, the UE faces off against Count Selnakis inside the Scorching Solis. A Kataphrakt capable of projecting beams able to reach into the Satelite Belt. While Inaho continues to rush into the frontline, despite Yuki’s dislike, it seems he’ll need the aid of the entire fleet to down such a powerful opponent.

Back at Count Slaine’s base, the duel begins and quickly turns to Count Marylcian’s favor. Despite Count Slaine being able to see the future with his Tharsis, Count Marylcian’s Herschel is able to produce a large spread of laser projecting nodes that leave him unable to juggle them all.

After two grand scale battles, we are left with some really important revelations in this episode. Lemrina taking her next step in her plans, and Asseylum’s fate finally being sealed. Both of which are big players in the coming episode, but they sort of overshadow a few great aspects of this present episode.

I appreciated the fact that the UE’s battle this time around was more to the flavor of the past season. Inaho not taking a one-man-army approach, but rather having to rely on the aid of the entire fleet. It felt much more grand in scale, and managed to produce some intense action. Especially in the later parts with lines being broke and Yuki being put under fire.

I also appreciated that they highlighted the scale and importance of Slaine’s battle by having Inaho able to see it. He could have been merely bringing it up as a conversation piece with Inko, but it was important to the moment as Inko knew he had let a Count free and that battles were erupting in the ranks of the Orbital Knights. Whether or not he believes it’s his cause or already present discord remains to be seen.

e18aldnoahzero10Moving on into more spoiler heavy comments about the episode, I am really hoping at this point that Assylum is somewhat conscious through the recent events. It seems that she could hear what’s going on outside, as hinted by Slaine’s little lessons he puts on for her, but I hope she knows what’s in store for her. Which would lead me to believe that she’ll only reveal her consciousness to Eddelrittuo. Then at that point, make her escape with the aid of Mazuurek.

I do have to admit that the marriage proposal was a bit expected, but yet annoying. It works as they are presenting the idea of breaking ties from the Vers Empire, but you would assume some outrage would come from announcing marriage with a Terran. At the same time, the fake-out murder at the end was a bit cheap.

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Episode 18: The Rose and the Ring




  • Duel more intense than expected
  • UE battle had good scale
  • Impactful reveals


  • Scorching Solis CG looked lacking

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