Episode 19 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Following the duel that decided the future of the Moon base, several cards in play will now be sifted through to discover who is and who is not with the new order being created.  All foreshadowing a great deal of bloodshed in the future.

With Lemrina, disguised as Asseylum, now proclaiming her marriage to Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard, it’s time for him to move onto his next course of action. Not only becoming the prince of Vers by marriage, but to create a whole new kingdom on the face of the Earth. He’s been assigned the right to bestow the power to awaken Aldnoah, and to be the voice for her.

As Slaine begins plans to weed out those that will turn against him, he’s surprised by Eddelrittuo with news of Asseylum’s possible awakening. Possibly fearing those who would target her, or possibly wishing to isolate her for her knowledge of the UE, Slaine has her transported to an unknown location and lies to Lemrina that she will soon pass. Something that Lemrina begins to believe was caused by her actions.

e19aldnoahzero03On the Earth front, the UE faces an incredible movement by Slaine. He’s finally making his move and has sent a wave of multiple counts and castles to lay waste to the Terran populous. All in hopes of claiming respect and the land he desires for Asseylum.

There was quite a few unsettling moments in this episode. While it seems that Asseylum is still hazy as to what has transpired, I do hope she will awaken fully soon. I can’t help but wish that she would strangle Slaine upon awakening. Although I also was hoping Eddelrittuo wouldn’t have told Slaine that she was awake. Perhaps her allegiance to Slaine is clear at this point. Which wrecks my hope for her. Traitorous loli..

Probably the most unsettling moment in this entire episode was the bit with Slaine sobbing over Asseylum, only to have flashes of Asseylum’s treasured world e19aldnoahzero10being destroyed by Slaine’s orders. She has no clue the murderous man who weeps at her side.

All foreshadowing an insane battle to come in the following episode. Multiple Kataphrakt, multiple castles; it will become pretty bloody at this point unless they get some sort of backup. It’s a grim and helpless situation that we haven’t been put through since the early moments of Aldnoah Zero Season 1.

It’s time for Count Mazuurek to step up. I’m excited to see if his build up will be unfortunately stomped out, or become a crucial part of this story.

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Episode 19: Here to There




  • Big revelations
  • Slaine’s big move
  • Foreshadowing bloodshed


  • Annoying character choices

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