Episode 20 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


As the UE is faced with a crushing attack by Slaine and his newly aligned Orbital Knights, the only course of action seems to be to retreat, live, and fight another day.

In the midst of the battle, the Deucalion risks all to swoop in to rescue the fleet from the definite doom of facing three Aldnoah Kataphrakt. One able to cloak themselves from view, one able to control lightning, and another able to duplicate itself.

Though the fleet doesn’t go unscathed, suffering a lot of damage and a great number of deaths. It also seems as if the UE isn’t done, as leadership calls for the Deucalion to return to reclaim the land they lost.

Far off on the Moon base, Mazuurek gains favor in an audience with Asseylum by request. As he casually baits Lemrina to speak of her time on Earth, it becomes clear to him that she doesn’t know much of what Mazuurek knows from speaking to Inaho. Which leads him to discovering the Castle that Slaine could be hiding the real Asseylum.

e20aldnoahzero10Once there, he puts his trust in Eddelrittuo by giving her the pendant Inaho gave him. The pendant that could unlock the memories Asseylum once lost.

Well, that certainly was quite an anticlimactic battle after so much emphasis given from the previous episode. Although it does lend itself to Inaho being able to come up with a surefire plan to overcome them. With the orders to return, it looks like we’ll have to wait one more week for the battle to unfold. But it does continue to lend itself to the UE leadership having no clue what they are doing.

I was happy to see Mazuurek finally in action.  Utilizing Lemrina’s lack of understanding of what happened on Earth was clever and subtle, and tracking down Asseylum’s location was equally as so.  Though I have to admit that I was a bit leery about him trusting Eddelrittuo at this point.  Let’s just hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

Easily the other biggest moment of the episode was Lemrina finally coming to grips with Slaine’s actions behind her back.  Her meltdown, so to speak.  As she climbs further down the yondere rabbit hole, I can’t help but feel a bit saddened by the lack of her build.  I expected them to do more with her, have her climb higher.  Instead, she just remained weak and a tool to Slaine.  This leaves her to conclude in attempting Asseylum’s life and being thrown to the side.  Unfortunate.

Only 4 episodes remain in this saga and anything is fair game at this point.  Assuming they don’t continue into another season, it could get rather bloody.  Though, color me shocked that we never touched Mars like I originally hoped.  But perhaps that is a sign of another season..

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Episode 20: The Light of Day




  • Mazuurek finally in play
  • Lemrina’s breakdown
  • Asseylum truly awakened


  • Lemrina’s character cut short
  • Anticlimactic battle

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