Episode 4 Impressions: Yatterman Night


It seems Leopard is continuously on a downward spiral as she fights to exact her revenge on the Yatterman. Though it may be the struggle to help those in front of her that could be her undoing.

While team Doronjo attempts to make money to feed themselves, failing miserably, Galina’s skills in sewing ends up granting them a place to stay temporarily. A humble couple that is soon to have their first child. The team is fed, given a place to rest, and even taken to a nearby hot spring to relax. However when they return to the couple’s home, they come to find that the Yatterman have arrived to issue a drafting of the husband to work for 35 years for the Yatter Kingdom. Away from his pregnant wife.

In a twisted act of conformity, the husband, wife, and villagers are forced to cheer in excitement for this drafting and the husband is taken away. Never to see his child born or raised. While Leopard is angered by this and attempts to rescue him, the truth of the people’s fear of Yatterman comes to be a sore lesson that Leopard would soon learn.

After experiencing Leopards loss of family, her realization of the truths of the world, and the struggle of those within the Yatter Kingdom, this week really focuses on the pains of the people and the twisted nature they live in.

What was truly tragic about this episode was that Leopard not only failed to do what she set out to accomplish, but it ended up blowing up in her face. Trusting those around her in a not so trusting world. Yet in the end, it was surprising to see that she managed to not lose face in a very screwed up conclusion. She didn’t blame those that betrayed her. Instead she realized that the people were suffering and having their hands forced in the matter.

Probably the most unsettling moment of this episode was the excitement that the villagers and the couple were forced to perform. No doubt they were unhappy e4yattermannight11about what was happening, yet they cheered to appease the Yatterman who awaited the approval. Which became even more tragic as the episode came to its conclusion. Once again, a harsh reality for Leopard in the dire state Yatter Kingdom is in.

Another great episode with great emotion, good laughs, and some truly tragic turns.  I also really give the studio props this time around in the combat sequences.  While they did look a bit blob looking, it was fluid and well animated.  Really creating an exciting and action packed encounter.

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Episode 4: Steamy Outdoor Hot Spring Trip




  • Great action sequence
  • Tragic failure and conclusion
  • The eery draft cheering


  • None

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