Episode 5 Impressions: Yatterman Night


Still struggling for money, the Doronjo team finds themselves faced with a possible cash-in as the Yatter Kingdom holds “The First Wacky Martial Arts Tournament.” Except, it doesn’t seem like Yatterman are playing fair in this game.

While avoiding the Yatterman robots, Leopard and friends have a run-in with a spirited sumo wrestler named Takeshi. He’s an odd fellow, and is not shy with revealing his love for his ill mother that he desires to help recover.

While being in company with Takeshi, the team discovers that the Yatter Kingdom is holding a competition that features boxing, sumo, and pro-wresting. Unfortunately, it seems their biggest hitters can’t compete, but thankfully Galina was entered inadvertently by Takeshi. Leading to an impromptu training session.

Now within the arena, Takeshi and Galina face off against some powerful foes, and even a mechanized squad built by the Yatterman.

Quite a silly episode in contrast to the emotional rollercoaster episode 4 put us through. Put simply, I was laughing through a significant portion of this episode and feeling a heartwarming sensation through a bit of the rest.

Takeshi was yanked straight out of some silly old-school sports anime and constantly threw nostalgia of clueless, happy-go-lucky protagonist my way. While I found his excessive urination to be a bit off-putting, I still loved his quirky attitude and his pure love for his mother left me with some warm and fuzzies.

Probably the pinnacle point of this episode was by far the mecha battles. Over-the-top, bonkers, hilarious, and all commentated by the comical┬ápersonality of a “Whispering Reporter.” It was great, and I loved every minute of it. Of course, the training sessions were great as well.

Yatterman Night has already managed to get me good with the great mix of comedy and heartbreaking struggle of an innocent protagonist, but this episode showed me they can deliver the laughs in a great way.

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Episode 5: The Hurricane Dedicated to His Mother




  • Hilarious moments
  • Some heartwarming segments
  • Takeshi’s nostalgic formula


  • Takeshi’s urination

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