Episode 6 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


The Owl appearing signified the end of the Cochlea assault. With casualties on both sides, it was a time of licking wounds. A time of coming to terms with the past, present and the bloody future. How will the characters emerge from their individual seas of thoughts?

To our great surprise, Shinohara still walks among the living. Apparently, Kaneki had been devouring Shinohara’s Arata, leaving Shinohara hospitalized instead of dead. Amon and Shinohara discuss Kaneki who still seems to be in berserker mode elsewhere. Scenes of Amon questioning himself after his encounter with his former students, and of Akira visiting her father’s grave reflect their mental struggles after their extraordinary experiences at Cochlea.

After that, we get some characterization for Suzuya. A glimpse into his grim past explains his current lack of morality and why Shinohara is a father figure to him. Continuing the flow of the CCG-heavy episode, the focus shifts to Amon once more as he invites Akira for dinner. After more than a couple of drinks, Akira, blaming Amon for her father’s demise, reveals her resentment. Amon, as duty-driven as ever, takes responsibility and swears to protect her. Tension and feelings of guilt fill up the room, but the oddly-connected duo still manages to share some lighthearted moments. Moments that wouldn’t last for long though because of the forming of the Owl Suppression Unit…

The retrospective aspect of this episode was really presented well by Amon, Akira and Suzuya’s backstory. It goes without saying that chances of success are higher if one manages to fully grasp their own ideologies, thoughts and morals prior to confrontations. Especially when the next encounter with ghouls is never too far away. In a very extended fashion after last week’s episode, Amon can’t wrap his head around the possibility of humans turning into ghouls. His struggle with this new finding could possibly affect future decision-making. I sure hope it does.

Akira’s snarkiness towards Amon was deeply grounded as well, but I’m relieved that it was just a slip-up because she was drunk. While it did expose her true feelings, she’s enough of a professional to not let it affect her work ethic. Finally, Suzuya’s story got the job done. It’s easier to understand why he’s “weird” and his relationship with Shinohara, who picked him up and “raised” him, makes more sense. My only gripe is that I felt it was rushed. They did the bare minimum to create somewhat of a connection between Suzuya and the viewers.

All of that soul-searching has me wishing they queued the “Glassy Sky” soundtrack for this episode, although I did like the song that played during the “I will protect you” scene. Tokyo Ghoul √A continues to impress in the music department. Finally, the new Owl Suppression Unit could indicate a turning-point in this story. A squad that specifically hunts down the Owl could come up with some surprising results.

Episode 6: Thousand Paths





  • Characters seeking psychological closure
  • Powerful Amon-Akira scene
  • Great set-up for the next fight


  • Suzuya’s backstory might have been too short
  • Awkward censorship

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