Episode 21 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


With Asseylum’s eyes now opened to the past, and soon the future, how this will affect Slaine’s plans remains in the air. As the UFE goes up against the trio of Counts once more, the future of this battling world is sure to meet its conclusion.

After Slaine’s trio of Counts take the Lake Victoria area, the UFE is forced to strategize on how to reclaim it.  A full analysis of each Count’s abilities is underway, though that’s assuming their strategy will remain the same.

Elsewhere, Asseylum comes to grips with the past she had forgotten and is soon after filled in on what has been going on, thanks to Eddelrittuo and an unexpected guest.  Lemrina arrives and decides to finally lay claim to what she desires.

Back on the battlefield, the UFE takes on the trio of Counts once again.  After discovering their change in strategy, Inaho and his companions quickly take sacrificial steps to show Slaine’s army the guts of the Terran race.

I guess it was a bit foolish to anticipate the clash against the three Counts so much.  It really did end up being rather lacking in the realm of angst and suspense.  Is it due to the writing, or perhaps the mentality that death has been trivialized already in this series?  It’s quite disappointing, but truly an issue in this show.  That said, the copy Kataphrakt was pretty well done.

On to the meaty part of the episode, we finally got the face-to-face we have been anticipating for some time.  Lemrina finally confronts Asseylum and the fears of what direction the show will take comes into play.  Does she fire on Asseylum to lay claim to Slaine, or does she turn on Slaine?  I have to admit that I was sort of expecting Asseylum to take the route she did in order to sniff out Slaine’s intentions.  What I didn’t want to expect was for her not to fire.

e21aldnoahzero11Was a bit confused as to the addition of Count Cruhteo’s son Cronkine.  Seems a bit late to add in a new player.  Though it only lends itself to the idea that he will be merely put into place to resupply Slaine with Kataphrakts to send out.. Though, now that I think of it, he’s Vers and the son of a man murdered by Slaine’s adopted father.  It would be interesting to see him being Vers’s tool to take down the Moon base.  Perhaps, based on his last comment, it could be just to rehash Slaine’s father.

It just puts salt in my bitterness that the show cut Count Cruhteo so short.  He was such a great character with potential..

While the series continues to play it safe in many realms, I still managed to enjoy this episode for some great moments.  With that said, I’m growing increasingly annoyed by their attempts to play their cards so safely.  Unwilling to take chances e21aldnoahzero07and twist the story in unexpected ways.  Lemrina siding with Asseylum, Asseylum not firing, Asseylum being locked up again, Lemrina not stepping up, no lives being lost.

There’s a HUGE amount of power struggles happening right now, yet we have no signs of shifting sides or losses in the process.  It leaves the show in the realm of a typical show, and no longer swaying my emotions like it has before. Can all we expect is another shocker slaughter on the final episode that will be undone in the next season?  Change my mind Ei Aoki, I dare you.

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Episode 21: The Fortune’s Fool


Good, but some disappointments


  • Copy Kataphrakt was well-played
  • Great moments from Asseylum


  • Playing it too safe
  • Lack of tension or true struggle

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