Episode 22 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


The UFE is ready to make their move on Slaine’s moonbase, but of course Commander Darzana isn’t clueless as to the true intentions of the UFE. A surprise attack while forces are preoccupied.

After the Deucalion is briefed on the battle at hand, an almost suicide mission, the Commander meets with Inaho in private as to the suspicions she has. That the UFE is planning on using the confusion to launch an infiltration to assassinate Princess Asseylum. In their eyes, she’s a key pillar in the fight.

Back on the moonbase, Slaine is visited by the son of Count Cruhteo, Klancain. While he seems to immediately acknowledge the Tharsis as his father’s killer, his feelings towards the now son of his father’s killer is not quite clear. As he feels out Slaine’s allegiance to the Emperor, he also doesn’t deny aiding Slaine in his desires to fulfill the princess’s wishes.

After UFE forces engage the Vers, Inaho is aided by Inko in infiltrating the moonbase to locate and rescue Asseylum before the UFE assassinate her. e22aldnoahzero02However, on the way, Inaho engages in fire against Slaine. As Inaho struggles with utilizing his eye to give him the advantage, exchanged words shines a light on Slaine’s desire to use Asseylum for some sort of gain. A stark reminder of words exchanged at their first meeting.

Definitely a refreshing episode this time around with some good twists and suspense. I was happy to see thatKlancain wasn’t simply a throw away Count, but rather a revisit of CountCruhteo’s legacy. However they have yet to really show if he yields any power, if he’s a vessel for the Emperor, or if he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and protectAsseylum. Even if she desires to go to the aid of Terrans. It all adds up to some interesting shift to Terrans and Vers coming together againstSlaine.  By the way, what the hell happened to Mazuurek?

e22aldnoahzero11While I found Inaho’s eye control to be a bit corny, it did help in establishing a lot of love and affection that normally isn’t touched in shows. It served as a way to point out the depth of Inaho’s love for Asseylum, when he probably could never convey that himself. The next question that comes of it is of course, “What was the other request?” I assume it’s some typical naive “Save Slaine” crap. Of course, it could also be to save Lemrina, but I don’t see them swapping scenes to cover that up.

I’m curious to see if the pendant will once again play some sort of role. So much emphasis put on it being left behind, I can only think that Lemrina may attempt to fool Slaine with an appearance change, only for him to point out that he has the pendant. I still hold hope that she will come out of this season to be a powerful character, not just a tool.

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Episode 22: Out of the Past




  • Great suspense
  • Odd but good love conveying
  • Increased variables in conflict


  • Eye talk slightly corny

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