Episode 23 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Asseylum has always desired for peace. A peace that may never be obtainable. Especially with the Emperor falling deeper and deeper into a state of near-death confusion.

As Inaho regains consciousness to find his eye’s AI had lied to Asseylum to get her to safety, Count Klancain manages to get Asseylum back to his ship and away from Slaine’s hold. Much to Slaine’s dislike as he immediately sends out a chase party that is thrown off by Klancain’s ship technology.

Once away from the battle’s heat, Asseylum learns that Klancain was sent by Emperor Rayregalia to investigate Count Saazbaum’s death and to ensure Asseylum’s safety. After confirming that Slaine will not stop his war, Asseylum seeks aid from her few remaining loyal Counts, Count Mazuurek, and seeks an audience with the Emperor.

With Inaho suiting up with his newly modified Kataphrakt, Asseylum gaining an e23aldnoahzero09edge in the Vers Empire, and Slaine not turning against his desires for destruction, the future battle looks to be bloody.

Unfortunate for those seeking some blood, but this episode turned out to be a bunch of chess piece moving and not a whole lot of attacks. Even for one Asseylum, a new crowning. Though I can’t say I particularly understand the necessity for her to take (yet another) husband under her new crowning. I guess we’re to believe that the Vers Empire holds a certain old Earth style system of requiring a man to support a female leader.

I’m a bit annoyed to the prospect of Eddelrittuo speaking up for Slaine. Almost as if they are still planning on redeeming him as a character. I guess a hint of Stockholm syndrome plays well into her not realizing that Slaine is an utter
e23aldnoahzero03psychopath at this point. Truly, he’s become a ranting child in my eyes. Throwing a bit of a tantrum.

It definitely seems as if my later prediction is still holding true. Just not in the way I expected it to. Asseylum as Vers and Inaho as UFE going against Slaine and his battle hungry Orbital Knights. Though the concept of Asseylum now returning to Mars with her new husband Klancain and leaving Inaho (dead or alive) behind was a bit far from my radar.

Next week marks the finale of the season and it’s going to possibly be a bloody one. Let’s just mark our predictions if they will pull another terrible “Death/Rebirth” thing like they did last time. With Asseylum claiming leadership of the Vers, my thoughts of this moving to another season on Mars has kind of diminished.  They could easily wrap this up.

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Episode 23: The Unvanquished




  • Lots of build
  • Asseylum finally steps up
  • Klancain surprisingly solid


  • A lot of obvious death flagging

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