Episode 8 Impressions: Maria the Virgin Witch


Maria has always put others before her, something that has been cherished by some, but hated by others. As Bernard continues to capture the minds of people, including Anna’s home, Maria is soon to lose the only allies she has.

The lies continue to spread against Maria as the loss on the recent battlefield are blamed on her. The deaths, the wounded, and even the man Galfa murdered. Though not everyone believes it is all by her actions as one man confronts Galfa about the chief he murdered and is quickly killed by Galfa’s new arm.

While Joseph is crushed by the spreading lies against Maria, none take the revelations worst than Maria herself. As she grows ever frustrated and emotional about the lies, Bernard moves in on Ann’s village to spread his gospel of Maria being a curse. Even getting Ann’s grandmother to believe she has been poisoned by Maria all these years. Something Ann finds unbearable.

Even after all of this, Bernard’s plans are not complete.  Speaking to Galfa in e8mariathevirginwitch01private, Bernard hands over a powerful potion that could be used to remove Maria’s powers, by way of forcefully taking her virginity.

As we come to the final moments of Maria the Virgin Witch, I can’t help but get the urge to give my updated thoughts on the series.  Put simply, I’m happy to see it push away from its earlier glaring flaws while pouring on the elements that make it special.

Through the many struggles of Maria in this series, the strongest cards remain in play. The ultimate struggle with the laws of the worlds she is placed in and its negative view on the powers she has been given. Does she use her powers to help those in need, or will it only lead to misfortune.

The other main element constantly hammered on is the balance between what the e8mariathevirginwitch06world’s god wants, what Maria wants, what the people want, what mercenaries want, and what man’s church wants. While Maria’s intentions are pure, she continues to be attacked by the church (who is obviously corrupt at this point) and soon by the very people she protects.

It’s a common and tried theme, but something that this show continues to excel at. Making you hate those that attack Maria and scream at your screen at the misinformation being spread about her. Just watching the innocent Ann struggle with the lies, as well as her grandmother denying Maria, was just heartbreaking. Just knowing that a witch hunt would soon begin by the people Maria protects is equally as much.

Unfortunately, one element could make this show dark and unsettling, and it’s something that was hinted at once again in this episode. While we joked about the possibility of people chasing after Maria’s virginity, Bernard has finally put it into words. The idea of forcing Maria’s virginity away. While I assume that it will be attempted and fail, it feels rather unnecessary at this point.  However after this episode, it seems to be one of the key points in the final segments of the series.

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Episode 8: Man Is a Wolf to Man





  • Very emotional
  • Strong conflicts
  • Continued betrayal
  • Push from earlier jokes


  • None

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