Episode 1 Impressions: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma


Ahh.. food porn. While not a new aspect in anime, it definitely seems to be aiming for a new genre to be put in the wikipedia pages. Even though Gourmet Girl Graffiti gave us quite a lot to talk about last season, it looks as if Food Wars! may take it to a whole new level. Maybe even aiming to put Yakitate Japan reaction clips to shame.

Yukihira Soma is an aspiring chef, following after the footsteps of his father.  Though it seems like he has much to learn as he’s always one step behind his dad at his restaurant.  Even still, the two often have cooking competitions and invite the neighborhood to come try out their latest new concoctions.  Good or bad.

After another fun-filled evening, the restaurant gets an unpleasant visitor from a land shark company looking to build new skyscrapers in the area.  Except Soma isn’t willing to listen, and instead shows her the door with a stern position of keeping the business afloat.  Despite the threats laid out.

The following day while Soma walks home, he gets an unexpected call from his father asking him what he truly desires to do after high school.  It’s a weird call as his father rarely shuts the store to go out, but this day seems to be different.  Of course Soma desires to take on the restaurant and surpass his father, but what meets him when he returns to the restaurant is a terrifying vandalism.

e1foodwars08Obvious enough, the land sharks have dealt a disturbing blow to the place and the representative returns to once again challenge Soma’s resolve.  To make him a knock out meat-filled meal, despite the food storages being destroyed.  Soma accepts, and produces an amazing dish from some carry-home food he got from the market for dinner.

Even still, with the representative defeated, Soma’s father returns home to tell him that he’s closing the restaurant.  It seems his father has plans to work with a friend of his and he wants Soma to go to culinary school.  Not just any school though.  One that only has a 10% pass rate.

Food Wars is definitely a mixed bag of oddities that is hard to unpack.  It has a little bit of heart mixed in with insane cooking action and a lot of sexual dialog and suggestive imagery.  This show will definitely be divisive in the end, just because it seems set for only those seeking that sort of content.

e1foodwars11Oddly enough, for as simple as it was, I enjoyed the main character and his father.  They had good interactions, felt like a pair I’d like to sit in and dine under, and I liked Soma’s passion.  Even still, this wasn’t much of the show and I’m not entirely sure how long it will remain a focus.

Visually it looked good, throwing in some of the most amazing cooking action I’ve seen in anime.  Almost like an epic boss battle, with potatoes and frying pans.  Though I can’t say I’m entirely on board with the eating reaction scenes.  These aren’t fun and bonkers reactions like seen in shows like Yakitate Japan, instead..it’s like a porno, without the a man and woman on top of each other.  Though we did get everything you’d expect from a tentacle porn.

I say all this because I’d rather people know what they are getting into.  This is Food Wars!, and it’s definitely a beast in its own.  Despite my not liking how far the tentacle reaction went, I’m sort of excited for the show still.  I think it has some fun buried under this episode of ups and downs.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: An Endless Wasteland




  • Soma seems likable
  • Some good heart
  • Visually good
  • Fun cooking scenes


  • Eat reactions go a bit too far
  • Overly sexual insinuation

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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