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Otaku Spirit » Episode 1 Impressions: Mikagura School Suite

Episode 1 Impressions: Mikagura School Suite

It’s time for Oreimo meets Baka and Test! A school club battling anime with an overly fantasizing otaku girl is ready to make its way into the Spring 2015 season!

Eruna can never seem to keep her head out of the clouds. If she’s not playing love sim games, she’s dreaming about a fateful encounter with a beloved girl. Or perhaps both at the same time.

After avoiding the choice of her next school, she hides away inside her dating sim game only to be confronted by her eccentric cousin Shigure. Though she doesn’t seem to care too much to see him. Perhaps it’s because he seems to like her a lot.

Shigure extends an invitation to Eruna to come to the school he attends, Mikagura. Though it’s not anything particular that she likes about it; though it does have cute uniforms. No, it’s because of the student council president featured in the pamphlet that strikes her fancy. Rather strikes her desires.

After being put through a ridiculously easy entry test, Eruna is put into a room where she meets a flying cat that she calls Bimii. Bimii ends up being the real test for Eruna, as her being able to see him proves that she’s gifted and able to attend. Something that becomes more crucial the following day.

e1mikaguraschoolsuite11Upon starting her first day at Mikagura School, attendees are greeted by a display of powerful battles between members of different clubs. Turns out Mikagura School puts a lot of weight on which club you are a part of. Each of these clubs battle it out to place themselves on a ranking that decides privileges they obtain. Part of a losing club? You may be eating rice and sleeping in poor quarters. Winning club? You’ll be living high-class.

After meeting the calligraphy club leader, and failing to join, Eruna deals with quite a few problematic aspects of not being in a club. However this ends up turning in her favor as the school president extends a trial membership to the club she is a part of. The going home club. Except, the one thing Eruna fails to acknowledge is that the club will have a battle the following day. And she wants Eruna to fight it in her place.

This show is an odd one to speak on, mainly because it was ruined by a single aspect that hung around the entire episode. Eruna isn’t a very likable main e1mikaguraschoolsuite16character, and she’s of course in every scene. While she does have personality, it’s a personality that I just found irritating.

The easiest way to describe it is the pervy thing Kirino does from Oreimo whenever she’s playing her games. Except.. in this show, she does it over and over and over again. Every girl she sees, she fantasizes over them. A joke that seems to never get old for the writers.

Outside of that, there was very little being offered from this show besides the entire school club rank system. Something we’ve seen in shows like Special A and Baka and Test. Whether or not this show will offer a unique way of using that remains to be seen. For now, it just makes me wonder why the girl doesn’t just go buy a burger.

Overall it visually looks okay, has a few chuckles to offer, but in the end it’s just a “meh” episode. I can’t recommend it, but I won’t steer anyone away.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

EpisodeĀ 1: Welcome to High School




  • Visually looks okay
  • Some chuckles


  • Eruna is an annoying MC
  • Repeated fantasizing joke
  • Nothing particularly interesting

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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