Episode 1 Impressions: PUNCH LINE

Ecchi anime has been sending poor protagonists to the hospital for ages. Massive nose bleeds that can serve no purpose but to explain the overly excited nature of a character. Except in PUNCH LINE, where it’s the fate of the world.

Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.41.30Synopsis
After a bus is hijacked by a terrorist organization calling themselves the Qmay Group, the beautiful and mysterious hero calling herself Strange Juice springs into action. One of the hostages named Iridatsu Yuuta gets front row seats as Strange Juice crashes through the front window and takes down all of the terrorists with little effort. However, after Yuuta spots another girl’s panties, he becomes powerful and tackles the last remaining hijacker out of the window.

After regaining consciousness and finding himself saved from the river by Strange Juice, Yuuta spots Strange Juice’s panties and is knocked unconscious. Strangely, it’s at this time that a beam of light hits him and he wakes up elsewhere.

Now in an apartment above his own, Yuuta is confronted by a talking cat with a spiritual tail. The cat, named Chiranosuke, explains that Yuuta isn’t dead, but rather his body has been taken over by someone else. The only way to recover Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.54.00his body is to find an ancient book from india that contains a ritual for reclaiming a possessed body. Conveniently, it’s within his apartment complex.

While snooping the room of Hikiotani Ito, Yuuta ends up spotting her in her underwear and once again becomes powerful but flees through the wall into the next apartment. The apartment of Narugino Mikatan who, at that moment, is reaching up to the top of her shelf, exposing her panties. As blood gushes from Yuuta’s nose, mankind is wiped from existence from an asteroid.

Floating above the destroyed Earth, Yuuta is confronted by the spirit cat Chiranosuke and told of what occurred. Apparently, if Yuuta sees panties, he reaches his peak in excitement and gains super human powers. However a peak is a peak and if he sees more panties and becomes even more excited, he loses consciousness. The end result is the world ending by an asteroid. Though, Chiranosuke feels that explaining what that has to do with the asteroid arriving is overcomplicating things. He just needs to not get excited.

Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.55.11Thanks to his current state, Yuuta is able to return back in time before the end happened and avoid the happening. He dodges Ito’s stretching panty show, hides his eyes at Mikatan’s reach, and eventually avoids the death of the world.

However, after alarms suddenly alert in Mikatan’s room, Daihatsu Meika rushes in and calls her into action. Mikatan’s identity is Strange Juice, and Meika is her side kick Pumpkin Chair. After “transforming” (changing cloths) in front of Yuuta (which excites him), the three head down into their garage where Strange Juice rushes off to be a hero. However a thread in Pumpkin Chair’s cloths is pulled along and she’s stripped to her panties, leading Yuuta to once again break the peak and end the world.

Probably one of the most absolutely bonkers things I have ever written. A very simple concept that is mashed together by so many off-the-wall aspects. If you see panties, the world ends. Which is exactly what this show seems to be about. Screenshot 2015-04-10 18.59.25Even still, despite it seeming to be a simple ecchi comedy, it doesn’t stop it from being absolutely hilarious.

I guess it’s in the creativity in its humor and an added colorful flare and style that makes it entertaining from beginning to end. The characters look good, the action is great, and the humor just happens. Just seeing the cat wake the laptop up to a cat mating video, or realizing that no one will know that the world ended because of a good luck charm.

Yeah, it’s a bit pervy. Yeah, it has a lot of stupid humor. Yeah, it’s overly silly. But I laughed and loved it.  However if pervy action, convenient wind gusts, and women who can’t seem to keep their cloths on bothers you, this show looks to be pretty much that from beginning to end.

It’s good to have MAPPA back, and to see them possibly adding yet another great show to their list. With their unique touch, music, and look, I’m growing more and more in love with this studio.

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Episode 1: Panty Panic




  • Great visual style
  • Hilarious moments
  • Silly concept
  • Great action
  • Rie Kugimiya!


  • May be too ecchi for some

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