Episode 1 Impressions: Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

A man-made plague wiping out the entire adult human race is the perfect opportunity for creatures of myth to rise up and take over the earth.  Although the strength and will of mankind’s survival can never be doubted.

After a rough happening with his parents, Yuichiro Hyakuya found himself in an orphanage with Mikaela and many other homeless children.  Though life got only worst after a plague seemingly wiped out the entire adult human race.  The only ones who avoided this plague were children under the age of 13.

Following this, Yuichiro and the other kids tried desperately to survive the harsh environment only to be taken captive by a large organization of vampires.  These vampires treat the children as cattle, gathering them up, feeding them, only to drain their blood on a regular basis.

Mikaela seems content with their new lives, seeing it as less dangerous than the dying outside world, but Yuichiro believes differently and desires to get free.  Which is exactly what Mikaela helps him do.

e1seraphoftheend06After spending time in a vampire mansion, Mikaela finds a map of the kingdom they are in and the group of orphans make their escape to the gates to freedom.  However what awaits them there is a vampire who set the trap to see the expression of human’s hope being shattered.

Upon escaping the vampire’s captives, Yuichiro immediately finds himself in the sights of two members of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army who claim his arrival to be of prophecy.  With suggestion of becoming a tool to kill the vampires, Yuichiro agrees to aid them without hesitation due to the tragedies he has experienced at the hands of the vampires.

Seraph of the End definitely left an odd impression for me in its first episode.  The introduction to the world was solid and I found its violent shift to an apocalyptic state was interesting.  Moving on into the captive state of the vampires was equally fascinating and I was sold on the dark tones it was giving off.  I was even e1seraphoftheend10okay with the escape and tragedies that unfolded.  However, after the honeymoon, my doubts began to rise up.

It’s mainly due to its shonen roots and the preview that followed the cast scroll that completely flipped my opinion of this show on its head.  A bad taste that made me wonder if this great opening was merely just a quick setup for typical “get strong and beat the big bad” show.  Couple that in with the fact that, despite a very dark and destroyed apocalyptic world, the preview shows our protagonist enjoying a fun-filled experience in a clean and proper school.

Is a school setting really necessary in a world where everyone 13 and older has died, vampires have taken over, and children are being fed off of like cattle?  Why does a school setting need to be involved with every show?

Rant aside, I’m severely mixed on this show.  It had a great opening, but I’m questioning every bit of my experience.  If it will continue with this fascinating setup, or if it will fall into a school and the abyss of writing.  For now, it’s good, but I’m so conflicted.

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Episode 1: The World of Blood Legacy

Good Start, Questionable Future

Questionable Future


  • Good world building
  • Dark tones are well done
  • Tragic moments


  • MC isn’t very likable
  • Moving to school setting?!
  • Questionable future

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