Episode 1 Impressions: Show By Rock!!

Aspirations for greater things, fighting self-doubt to seek your dreams, being sucked into a rhythm game and forced to fight demonic sound monsters. These are all things people struggle with on a daily basis, well maybe not that last bit…

Cyan Hijirikawa is a first year student struggling with her shyness, despite wanting to join her school’s band club. After failing to enter the club room one day, she makes it her goal to fight her fears the next. However, while psyching herself up at home that night, she decides to play a quick rhythm game on her phone before getting a new high score.

Suddenly, a bright light shoots from her phone and she’s drawn into a digital realm where small chibi animal characters play rock music. But the strangeness doesn’t end there, because Cyan finds her appearance changes into a small cat-like character and she along with the band on stage get swept up into an alternate dimension where a giant monster is attacking.

While the band members seem to be adept with fighting the monster, they are eventually captured and a stone is drawn from their chests. Apparently, losing that stone will cause them to change into the very monster that is attacking them.

e1showbyrock10While Cyan watches in horror, a talking guitar suddenly appears and tells Cyan to fight by playing. After throwing her fears aside, she rocks the guitar and sends sound waves of power at the monster, defeating it and saving the band members.

After the dust settles, members of another band from the agency Banded Rocking Records appear and attempt to sign her under their label. Joined by Chuchu the vocalist, Retoree the bassist, and Mao the drummer, Cyan is finally given her chance to play in a band. However, she’s also not quite sure why she’s even there..

Have you ever had a moment where a show looked pretty good and you become sold on it within the first few minutes, and then it spirals out of control with what can only be described as an obvious ploy for merchandising? Yeah, that’s Show By Rock!..

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Show By Rock is an obvious attempt at e1showbyrock14merchandising and not much else. The 2D characters with their cute and adorable anthropomorphic animal designs are key for selling figures, and the chibi CG anthropomorphic animal designs are easily seen as cut-ins for the Hello Kitty craze.

From this standpoint, there’s not much here to care about when considering it was a 24 minute long commercial for products. Which is all extremely sad considering the beginning portion looked good, it was cute, the singing and band playing was well animated. It’s just at the moment that 2D jarringly transitions to CG chibi that it loses most of its flavor. Then to add onto that the constant back and forth transition to 2D and CG; it was almost as if they couldn’t make up their
mind at all.

Storywise, I’m unsure if anything can really come out of this. I’m sure Cyan will try to seek her dreams of becoming part of a band, all while fighting evil sound monsters. Perhaps simple enough for someone looking for some sugar this season, but not much outside of that can be found here. It’s just too difficult to find enjoyment in watching a commercial.

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Episode 1: Have a nice MUSIC!


Purely Merchandising


  • Cute first few minutes
  • Cute 2D characters


  • Jarring CG transitions
  • Eggman is annoying
  • Merchandise commercial
  • Some CG characters look terrible
  • Can’t decide what it wants to be

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