Episode 1 Impressions: Ultimate Otaku Teacher

A boy genius who is put into a teaching position at a school full of potential girl candidates; it all screamed of a new Negima style show. However after watching this episode, one could actually get vibes of a poor man’s Great Teacher Onizuka.

Junchiro Kagami is what many would call a dead beat otaku that is doing very little with his life. Anything he does, is for the sake of funding and developing his anime blog and array of anime goods and waifu collections. This is all at the great dislike of his sister who eventually pushes him to applying for a teaching position at her school, East Shinmei High.

While he didn’t expect his application to be accepted, Kagami is hired in as a part-time teacher while their physics teacher is out for maternity leave. This is because Junichiro is actually seen as a genius who had his theories published in major magazines by the age of 17.

After taking interest in a girl named Minako Kanou who aspires to become an anime voice actress, Junchiro accepts his role as a teacher and slugs into his new classroom of students. But after he uses a game app to establish cliques in the class, he discovers that Minako is being bullied.

e1ultimateotakuteacher04His attempts to confront Minako about the bullying turn on him as she views the bullying as a way for her to become the hero she will be voicing. Even still, Junchiro doesn’t back down after the bullies force her to drink chalked liquid that ruins her voice.

After springing a trap on the bullies using a site he created, the girls are put through enough trauma that Junchiro feels the tables have been turned on them. It’s after this that Junchiro subtly reveals to Minako that the inspiration she found from a user online was in fact from himself.

As I alluded to in the intro paragraph, the previews and synopsis for this series reeked of a new Negima series with a boy genius stuck in a job teaching school girls. However that quickly shifted as the tone went from a harem to more of a “Let’s fix a person each episode.” Great Teacher Onizuka style.

Coming from having watched Great Teacher Onizuka, its attempts to really grab me in that aspect failed miserably. I’m not claiming GTO was an amazing series, because it was riddled with its own flaws. However the focus of this aspect just e1ultimateotakuteacher08didn’t grab me at all. I just didn’t care about the character being saved in the first episode and the act of doing the saving just didn’t feel too inspired.

Outside of this GTO element was a show that lacked any likable characters, had very few moments of smart humor, and had a very terrible animation and art style. To be honest, there wasn’t anything here that really held the show together or made it entertaining.

Despite my heavy criticism, I’ll be keeping an eye on the series, just from the perspective of enjoying shows that toy with otaku characters being forced into society. Although I’m not at all impressed coming in.

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Episode 1: I’m a High School Teacher Now


Bad First Impression


  • Otaku humor is possible
  • Couple moments of smart humor


  • Visually terrible
  • Unlikable characters
  • Fails at being serious
  • Lacking humor

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