Episode 13 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


The epic second half of ufotable’s adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works is back and the hype is real.  After the Rule Breaker stole Shirou’s Servant and left Rin to take on Caster alone, the wheels of fate begin to spin once more.

Shirou is down, and shattered, but not out of the game.  While resting his body, he can think of only memories of the path he has chosen.  To fight to protect others and keep history from repeating.  To keep others from feeling sorrow he has seen.

Overnight, Caster continues to try to break Saber’s resolve.  The command seals eating away at her as she refuses to give in to her new master; accepting the Rule Breaker’s cut.  Though after Kuzuki enters the church where they stay, it seems that Caster hasn’t been too clear on her actions with him.  Almost seeming to be a third wheel in her plans.  Be it to protect him, or to hide her actions.  Even still, from this point on, it seems like Kuzuki wishes to be involved.

While the fate of Kirei remains unknown, the 3 parties come to a head at the church where Caster holds Saber. Shirou looking for his move with only an enhanced weapon in hand, Rin with Archer looking to take Caster head on, and Caster with her master Kuzuki in check. As Rin chooses Caster as her target and e13fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks02leaves Archer to Kuzuki, the choices of both parties will turn the tides of future battles significantly.

First off, absolutely amazing new OP from Aimer for this cour.  Brave Shine is another great piece and ufotable did well in meshing it with some incredible visuals to boot.  Of course, we can’t neglect Kalafina for another great track, and the ED artwork pieces are stunning.

While I’m a bit sad to see a standard length kickoff for the season, we can’t always be spoiled.  In what seemed like a blink of an eye, we got quite a few of the pinnacle points of the story executed.  One big one being the advancement in Rin and Shirou’s relationship, which as I’ve said before, is being done really well in this adaptation.  Don’t blame me for being a bit jealous of Shirou.

While most of Archer’s memories being passed through Rin were insights we have already seen in the previous cour, getting it a bit more solidified and accenting his hatred for humankind was a bit of a change.  Of course, it explains his hatred for Shirou and his actions as of late.

Kuzuki remains one of the more subtly interesting characters for me.  In how he questions Caster’s actions and seems to be held at bay by his servant.  Either by protection or by other motives; for both parties.  Either way, I continue to love this franchise for always making each and every master and servant have some sort of impossible strength to them.

While the great betrayal may not be anything shocking to some people, it’s still a huge part for the arc and I’m excited to see it unfold more going forward.  We’ve already got hints from the preview of the next partnership and I can’t wait to see ufotable take it on.

So far, we’re off to a great start.  While not an action-packed spectacle, we got some great plot points through.  As with the first cour, be sure to check back weekly for continued impressions on this series.  Also, feel free to chime in down below in the comments!

Poor Saber.. hang in there!

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Episode 13: Time of Departure





  • Rin and Shirou’s bonds
  • The great betrayal
  • Insight into Archer’s memories
  • Rin’s struggle


  • Poor Saber..

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