Cutest Characters: Spring 2015 Edition

It’s the time you have been waiting for.  The time for us to run down the cutest, most adorable, most hug-worthy, and waifu material characters of the Spring 2015 line-up.  Get your figure pre-orders ready and join us in the nose bleeds.

Before we begin, a couple of limitations are present in this list. Due to Rin Tohsaka taking the Fall 2014 win for Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works, I have decided to exclude the second half from the list.  Despite the glaring eyes my Saber figures give me. Also, I’ve decided to leave out Nisekoi due to its competitive fans. Hey, we’ll just say all the characters deserve a slot and be done with it!

Asuka Tanaka
Sound! Euphonium

Kyoto Animation has given us a wide variety of beautiful characters with stunning eyes and beauty.  A fact that is present in their latest creation Sound! Euphonium.  With a huge cast of adorable characters, one stood out from the rest: Asuka Tanaka.

It was from the moment that the cast entered the Brass Band club room that Asuka entered the scene and captured my heart.  She’s spunky, lively, beautiful, and full of fun and smiles.  What’s not to love about her?  Thanks to KyoAni, she has eyes you can just stare at for hours.

Rinko Yamato
My Love Story!!

While this pick is by no means a surprise, there’s no denying the adorableness that is Rinko Yamato.  Perhaps it’s her shyness, or maybe her struggle to be brave in the face of love.

Whatever the reason, she’s adorable, and you just want to give her a big hug and protect her.  She’s an amazing cook, and is willing to go after what she loves.  Despite what others say.  Even defying outer appearances.  Takeo, you’ve done good sir.

Krul Tepes
Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

The series Seraph of the End has definitely seen some ups and very deep downs in regards to setting and pacing issues.  However there is one element that keeps the show afloat for me.  Krul Tepes.

This vampire queen of the Japanese sector is both beautiful, vicious, and gets what she wants.  To add to this, her voice acting by Aoi Yuuki is very noteworthy.  Her aggressive tone with Bathory was amazing and I can’t help but listen to it again and again.  Of course, when asked if one would give up their humanity and live an eternity in her service, who would say no?  Oh.. besides him..

Yui Yuigahama
My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

There’s no doubt that I fell for Yui back in the first season of My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU, but with the heat turning up in the second season, I can’t help but squee at her recent passes towards Hiki.

For one, Yui is a straight forward girl, who often doesn’t hold her feelings in.  She also has a great personality that just lightens the room she enters.  I can’t deny that her “YaHello!” greetings don’t have me saying it myself.  Cute, lively, and so difficult to ignore.

Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Ah.. the loli boob goddess herself.  Some may groan at this choice, but I feel that’s strictly due to the dismissive nature of hype.  I don’t deny she caused quite a meme long before the show’s air, but hype doesn’t automatically mean a character doesn’t deserve due credit.

For anyone who loves their characters petit and lovely, Hestia has all the required assets.  She’s adorable, she’s loving, and she can be quite silly at times.  Seeing her go all out to please her clueless love is just admirable.  Did I mention she’s a loli boob goddess?  Yes?

That wraps up the Spring 2015 edition of cutest characters!  If you have a pick that didn’t make this list, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know!  Member of the forums?  Chime in on our thread as well.  Also be sure to drop in each season as we highlight the cutest Japan artistry has to offer our love seeking eyes.