Hatsune Miku: Tell Your World Figure Unboxing


Upon seeing the early photos of Tell Your World Hatsune Miku 1/8 scale figure from Good Smile Company, I was captivated by the colors and lively hair style. However nothing prepared me for the gorgeous figure that would arrive this week.

In this style of Miku, pictures can only scratch the surface of her beauty. Easily taking over her shelf space from the likes of Dark Angel Olivia and Mikuzukin, Tell Your World Miku’s incredibly sculpted hair and colors bring a sort of organized chaos that is hard to miss. Good Smile Company has once again delivered on their promise, and the proof (although never doing it justice) is in the captured shots.

From the hair wrapped around her fingers and leg, to the almost entrancing gaze she gives off. The colorful explosion in the base, the scrunchies on her wrists, the vibrant colors in her shirt; there’s just no edge left untouched with creativity.

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