Episode 1 Impressions: Aoharu x Machinegun


Survival game series are nothing new in anime, especially as of recent.  However not many feature a host of pretty and charming characters.  Although its cast of glittery characters may not be able to save it from a loud main character.

Hotaru Tachibana is a bit of a vigilante.  Not allowing any acts of “evil” to happen before her.  Although her appearance would have you believe that this student council president was in fact a boy, as many are mistaken.  Though her ability to exact such justice is never questioned as she’s quite the fighter and packs a mean punch.

But that would soon change when Hotaru rushes to a nearby host club, mistaking her friends comments for a man swindling her out of her money.  That man, Masamune Matsuoka, challenges her to a survival game match using airsoft guns.  Although he places a handicap on the match with him only having one bullet.

e1aoharuxmachinegun05After unloading her entire clip, which Masamune surprisingly dodges, Hotaru loses and is faced with the truth that Masamune kindly denied her friend access to the club as she was underage.  Leading her to wasting all of her money on food in sorrow.

Though the shock doesn’t end there as Masamune put a bid on his victory; Hotaru would join his survival game group and aim to be the best.

I’m honestly not too sure who this show is aimed at.  The element of moe groping and survival club antics would lead one to believe it’s for young men, however it is gushing out loads of pretty boys and an almost reverse harem type of e1aoharuxmachinegun06feel.  So I guess there’s a population of females out there that like survival games?  Who knew..

Confusions aside, this show has quite a bit going against it.  It looks favorable with good character designs and animation, although it’s sort of held back by a loud and violent main character, unbelievable actions, and a very boring episode for the most part.

Perhaps Tachibana will eventually grow on me, but she’s very unlikable, very preachy, and is constantly punching things and getting away with excessive property damage.  But maybe that’s me being overly cynical.  Either way, she’s not working for me in any way.

e1aoharuxmachinegun10Outside of the negatives, I am sort of interested in what this show plans to do with the survival games aspect.  We’ve seen quite a few shows in the past that either follow the moe or comedy side of it, but nothing that takes it relatively serious.  Although I’m not holding my breath as it’s already pushed itself into the realm of “special abilities” that break logic.

It’s worth giving another shot, but with a bad main character, I don’t see myself really connecting with this show.  Sadly, it’s also not really a show I can recommend.  Unless you just really want to see pretty boys shoot eachother, non-lethally.

Fun Fact: Working hard in customer service will not grant you the ability to predict bullet trajectory.  Please do not try.

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Episode 1: Let’s Start This Deathless Death Match




  • Character designs are good
  • Good visuals and animation


  • Boring
  • Annoying main character
  • Uncertain demographic

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