Episode 1 Impressions: Classroom Crisis


An epic world of space travel, adventure, and technology that we all beg to have at our fingertips. However, after the introduction of a new student, this show may be as grounded as your typical school show.

An era of space travel and aspiring for the stars. During a time in which each planet of the solar system has been parraterraformed and mankind lives upon those surfaces. This story follows the fledging group of students who are part of the Kirishina Academy (part of the Kirishina Development Group) which resides in a small cluster of Japan on Mars.

Being part of a corporation, these students are both workers and students. Learning the ropes of development, creation, and flight of spacecrafts. However, after one of their newest transfer students is kidnapped by a group of protesting workers at a company owned mine, things take a turn for the worst.

e1classroomcrisis06This is because the Kirishina Group has no desire to pay the ransom. A decision made by the Vice President Yanai after taking lead of the situation. The mine is already slated to close, the banks have already pulled out, and giving into ransoms would only lead to further acts of this kind.

Outraged by this thought, teacher Kaito Sera decides to band his class together to deliver the ransom themselves and save his new student. However, upon performing this act and wasting hundreds of thousands in costs, they discover that the new student is actually one of their bosses. Not only that, but his whole purpose for joining the class was to downsize it. And he’s not too pleased at their rescue attempt.

Probably the second most rough start of the season, Classroom Crisis is a mixed bag of interesting concepts that don’t seem to be very well executed. To kick things off, the series gives a strong sense of exploration with a dose of future that doesn’t stretch beyond believability. However it digs up fears right after dishing out some fun and exciting tech.

With the arrival of a logically flawed character in the ending moments of the first episode, we are essentially told that “Yeah, that fun space exploration and action? Won’t happen again.” Leading the show to more likely remain grounded and a constant struggle for budget with an overbearing company face to keep them in e1classroomcrisis11check. As to how much of that would be enjoyable, your guess is as good as mine.

All of that said, the episode itself was boring outside of its journey to save the hostage. A whole lot of boring and uninteresting character introductions capped off by a long spiel by the teacher to explain the guts of the world they are living in. Then, once again, introducing a logically flawed character that will more than likely annoy most viewers.

Again, off to a rough start, and I’m not sure if it can dig itself out of the hole it dug.  At least we got more Ari Ozawa (Sakura Chiyo – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun).

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Episode 1: The Transfer Student Who Came in Late


Rough Start


  • Decent character designs
  • A couple laughs
  • Ari Ozawa (VA)


  • Annoying cast
  • Boring conversations
  • Bad foreshadowing

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