Episode 1 Impressions: Attack on Titan Junior High


Attack on Titan is a very serious show with gore, violence, struggle between life and death, and so much more.  On the other hand, Attack on Titan: Junior High is a struggle between A’s and B’s, mechanical pencil or pen, and the battle for one’s lunch box.

After being woke from a nightmare, Eren rushes off to school with Mikasa defensively nearby.  After collision after collision with random school members, he finds himself at the gates of Attack Junior High school.

However, mistakenly they take a slight detour to the wrong side of the campus and end up running into a titan who manages to steal an eraser made into a stamp by Eren.  But clearing all of that up, they start their first day at their new school and get acquainted with each of the classmates.

Things take a tragic turn for the worst at the opening ceremony where they get a grim reminder.  The titans appear and begin to consume each and every last innocent … lunch box.

Without a shadow of doubt, I’m completely on board with this being a thing.  Of course, this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed quite a bit of what Attack e1attackontitanjuniorhigh10on Titan pulls off with its world.  AoTJH takes all of the elements and character quirks and ramps them up to 10 and throws in some crazy school comedy tropes to top it all off.

I will admit that the zany aspect of the comedy and the over-the-top character actions may be a bit too much for some people’s taste.  However, if you’re into Attack on Titan, there’s so many laughs to be had here.  From the toast collisions, to the stamp theft, to Mikasa’s obsession, to the Sasha’s food obsession, and then the food raid mimicking the human eating.  It’s all too much.

I can always appreciate when a show can make fun of itself.  Realize the absurdity of some of their self-created tropes.  And AoTJH is just that.  Shoot, I never really liked Sasha’s food issue in the original show, but here, it’s hilarious.

If you watched AoT, this is a must watch.  If you haven’t then a lot of this humor will be lost on you.  In the end, it serves its purpose and it does it well.  Let’s just hope it holds up because they’ve already hit quite a majority of their quirks from the original show.

This show is currently streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Starting School! Titan Junior High School




  • Hilarious spoof
  • Silly actions
  • Some witty humor


  • Overly silly humor may be offputting
  • Knowledge of AoT is needed

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