Episode 1 Impressions: Concrete Revolutio


When evil super powered creatures arrive to terrorize mankind, there’s always a superhuman there to save the day. However, when the superhuman is in trouble, who’s there to save them?

While working as a waitress, Kikko Hoshino has a run in with an agent seeking her help.  The agent, Jiro Hitoyoshi, explains that an international spy will be doing an information trade with a Japanese scientist in her diner.

At the designated time, Kikko is called into action by Jiro and steals the traded item, despite it seeming to be traded in the opposite way.  Turns out the international spy is actually a superhuman who tries to put her to sleep.  Equally as odd, Kikko turns out to be a magical girl and teleports herself to safety before transforming into her frilly dressed combat form to subdue him.

After the spy realizes this, he reveals himself as an S Planetarian and grows into a large towering suit of armor.  If that wasn’t weird enough, the famed superhero Grosse Augen shows up to transport the Planetarian to another location to fight it e1concreterevolutio05out in gigantic scale.

During this commotion, Jiro snags Kikko and heads in the direction of the battle.  It’s at that time that he reveals to Kikko that he’s from the Superhuman Bureau that works to protect superhumans.

Seemingly drawing some inspiration from Bone’s previous work with Blood Blockade Battlefront, Concrete Revolutio seems to bleed atmosphere, style, and thought out chaos.  Which, from a fan of Blood Blockade Battlefront, is a welcome surprise.

The immediate thing to take note of when firing up the first episode is an artstyle that likens itself to comics. Which is fitting for the plot which follows superhumans and an agency set on protecting them.  Shading done with dots, colors e1concreterevolutio09being flat but varied, and it even has a sort of time jump back to an almost a 40s look.

Though probably the most interesting element to the show is the random element of superpower genre mashups that are thrown at each other.  Large heroes fighting large aliens, transforming car mecha, magical girls, and shapeshifters. Similarly to something like Durarara or more importantly Blood Blockade Battlefront, it’s funny how it all just comes together.

Despite this praise, there is a feeling of something really lacking in this show.  Perhaps it’s lacking a hook, an engaging plot device, or just characters.  None of which this series seems to have in its introduction.  Instead, the protagonist is a dull Roger Smith/Bruce Wayne. The heroine magical girl has more intrigue to her, though maybe that is by design.  I was more interested in her than any other e1concreterevolutio15character here.

The questions I create myself, has me more interested in this world than anything.  Like Charlotte, I’m curious what other superhumans they will bring up in the coming episodes.  What other genres will we see cross over and what difficulties will they bring the team.  Until then, there’s nothing particularly keeping me from suggesting the show.  But I’m still worried about its character draw or some sort of solid hook.

This show is currently streaming on Funimation.com and Daisuki.net!

Episode 1: The Witch Girl of Tokyo




  • Great style
  • Genre mashup


  • Lacking in character
  • Lacking in intrigue

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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