Episode 1 Impressions: One-Punch Man


The world is in peril, and there’s not many who stand in the way of evil.  When one called One-Punch Man arrives, there may still be hope for mankind. If he can be motivated enough to help.

Once a simple man, unemployed looking for work and getting shut down after an interview, he looked upon the face of a deformed crabman naming himself Crablante. After being spared by Crablante for having eyes as dead as himself, the unemployed man ends up running into a boy who was targeted for death.

Not wishing to see the boy killed over a silly prank, the unemployed man took on Crablante. After taking a severe beating, he miraculously slays the beast. Then, after 3 years of training so hard his hair fell out, the unemployed man would be known as One-Punch Man. Able to take down any foe with a single punch.

However this prospect would soon trouble him. As no matter what fearsome and e1onepunchman09mutated beast he faced, a single punch meant victory.

I’m of two minds when it comes to One-Punch Man. While I’m absolutely loving the aspect of a super hero that is so strong that he is frustrated by easy victory, I also ponder just what else this show has to offer. Is the remaining 11 episode just him punching everyone and winning while sighing? They very well can’t have him actually not slay something in one punch and thus destroying his title.

That’s not necessarily a negative to the show, because I enjoyed quite a bit of the first episode. More a preconceived fear that I’m curious if it even amounts to anything. Pranking crab guy, shopping in a superhero outfit, the brother’s unfortunate end, relating to muscle man, and just the overall silly antics had me chuckling the entire e1onepunchman18time.

It’s also no mistaking the fantastic animation work throughout the episode. Aside from a few sketch animation points, all the animation is very smooth and the choreography for the most part is clever. It’s just a good-looking show when it comes to fists meeting fists.

In the end, it’s a clever concept, has some great laughs, and the animation is great. I’m just really curious where it can take it from this point on.  Though, with so much hype behind this title, I’m sure there’s plenty of good moments to be had.

This show is currently streaming on Hulu.com and Daisuki.net!

Episode 1: The Strongest..




  • Great action animation
  • Funny concept
  • Solid humor


  • Fears of repetitiveness

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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