Animecast: Sekai Loves Steam More Than Me


The Animecast Discussional is back with tons of news and questions to cover! Lots of exciting news over the last month to discuss, as well as some tragic news to address as well. Despite this, we hope you enjoy.

tomoyoafterfeatThanks to grant f, Secret Agent Senpai, Zudotakikato, AstDeprived, Xavi, Neko, Logan, SemiBolt, Homebound11, BrOtaku, shikakage, and Star-K for the great questions featured in this episode.

The opening for this episode is the ED4 for Hayate The Combat Butler! Cuties called “Manmaru Kakurenbo” by Miyu Matsuki. The closing for this episode is the ED4 for Nyaruko: Another Crawling Chaos W called “Sister, Friend, Lover” by Miyu Matsuki and Ryoka Yuzuki.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:31:28


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