Cutest Characters: Winter 2016 Edition

The Winter 2016 Anime Season kicks off another host of characters to capture our hearts and minds. Be it for love, waifu, or huggable little runts. Here is the list of Cutest Characters for the running season!

A limit is active on this season of Cutest Characters to help narrow down the choices. Characters from continuing shows will not be eligible. Though some get mention in the Honorable Mentions below.

reinamyriadcolorsReina Izumi
Myriad Colors Phantom World

Dang it Kyoto Animation!  Why must you animate characters that steal my heart so effortlessly.  Reina is too damn cute, plain and simple. Upon entering the scene, her shyness coupled with great character design made her an instant treasure and spot-grabbing contestant.

Though her fragile appearance is a bit misleading as she can throw a man to the floor with little effort.  In the face of Phantoms, she’s a worthy asset with her Kirby-like ability that only seems to transfer to her unstoppable appetite.  Just ready your wallet, she builds up quite the bill for dinner.  As a side note, she’s too perfect in a Chinese outfit!  Chun-Li has nothing on her!

Kayo Hinazuki

I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into with ERASED.  Jumping into the crazy journey the protagonist goes through, I found myself watching as he attempted to save a 10-year-old girl name Kayo Hinazuki.  I didn’t know much about this girl, and after spending episode after episode learning more about her, my mind was made up that I wanted her to live more than the protagonist.  Plus she’s just too cute when Satoru breaks away some of her shell.

It’s funny how shows spark different emotions in us.  Anger, frustration, sorrow, and compassion just swells up in me as I learn about her being abused, neglected, shelled up, and bullied.  It’s enough to make me want to reach into my television, smack whoever is harming her, and wanting to run her off to safety. Is 2D adoption possible yet?

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

I’ll admit, the PV for Grimgar had me crushing over Yume from the get go.  Great character design and some fanservice to boot.  But it was the personality of Yume as the show took off that really had me sold on her.  She’s a bit lost in the clouds in comparison to the others, but I think that bright spirit of her is what keeps the other cast members from falling too far into the depths.  That’s not to say she’s not able to get a bit emotional though.

I think a lot of my love for Yume comes thanks to her voice work by Mikako Komatsu.  She’s just adorable and soft toned.  The simple quirk in her dialog in the form of “na~” and her very soft speech patterns.  I could listen to her talk about nothing and love it.  I guess it’s no surprise when I loved Mikako Komatsu’s work on Inko for Aldnoah Zero.  Still best girl of that show!

miradimensionwMira Yurizaki
Dimension W

Ah, those robots that manage to have more traits to love than even humans. Mira is a robot with more emotion and spunk than her human partner Kyouma. Even so far as showing more compassion and willing to sacrifice herself than most human beings. Plus her sexy and somewhat unique character design is more than warranting a place on the list. She even has a tail.. What is it about tails that are so alluring!

Mira also has a bit of mystique about her. Begging the age-old robot storytelling question of “Can robots learn or exhibit emotions?” It’s a question that draws more interest in her as she is put through the possible loss of her creator, visions of murder in her past, and tragedies before her.


Ah, you violent little mage. Konosuba is absolutely bonkers, partly thanks to a little explosive mage named Megumin. No really, she is absolutely obsessed with explosive magic. Enough that it’s the only spell she will use.  Even if it means she’s completely spent after using it once.

Megumin is absolutely hilarious, unashamed playing the chuubiyo card to impress those around her while never giving up her unique aspect of being an explosion mage. To add to this, watching her train several days on a castle, manipulating her party leader, and blushing over the loss of a certain piece of clothing, I became attached to her in the face of a very crazy and lovable cast.

With that, we round out another Anime Season with Cutest Character winners.  From the crazy, to the most adorable, to the most captivating.  Even still, there are many more that couldn’t push their way to the top.  Aside from some honorable mentions, what are your cutest characters of the Winter 2016 Season?  Chime in on our forum thread!

Honorable Mentions or Disqualified for Multi-Cour: