Animecast: Nekomonogatari Black


It’s time to dive head first into the story of Tsubasa with Nekomonogatari Black. The first segment in her story for the Monogatari Second Season. Join the Hosts of the Animecast and get their take on Tsubasa and if she remains candidate for best girl!

nekomonogatariblackfeatNote: Following the Spoiler-Free Review of Nekomonogatari Black, we dive into some spoiler discussion about the season. If you have not watched Nekomonogatari Black, avoid listening beyond the 15:00 mark.

We open this episode with the Nekomonogatari Black OP called “perfect slumbers” by Yui Horie. Closing, we play the ED for Nekomonogatari Black called “Kieru Daydream” by Marina Kawano. The closing of the spoiler segment is more of the ED “Kieru Daydream” by Marina Kawano.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 34:23


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