Cutest Characters: Spring 2016 Edition

The Spring 2016 Anime Season is upon us and it’s time for yet another list of adorable, huggable, cute, lovable, strong, and waifu material characters that we want to see more and more of.  So get your notes and eyes ready for the top 5 of the season!

Machi Amayadori
Kumamiko – Girl Meets Bear

Ugh, my heart!  She’s just too damn adorable!  Machi is a young shrine maiden for a remote village that is taken care of by a fluffy and parental bear named Natsu.  Despite her position, she seeks a life in the big city, and her determination is what makes her even more special.

Watching her every day happenings as she strives to prove to Natsu that she has what it takes to be street smart is a gem every week.  Overthinking each of her challenges and often having misunderstandings filled with blushing and flustering is both adorable and heart grabbing.  By far the most adorable of the season!


Baaah! I can’t decide who’s cuter in Re:Zero.  There’s just too many good characters to choose from.  So I just decided “Hey, I can cheat the system by putting Rem and Ram in together and thus get more than one Re:Zero character chosen at least?!”  Hey, it’s my list, I can cheat if I want to.

Rem and Ram grabbed me the moment they hit the screen.  Twin maids, cold personalities, with a hint of unique cunning comebacks from each.  Who wouldn’t want these two cute and attention grabbing girls serving your every need?

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

After losing my weekly dosage of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash along with weekly dosage of Yume, I had to seek some sort of replacement.  Thankfully, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress came along with Mumei and her absolutely epic nature.

Look at any PV for this show and you’ll see a butt kicking girl who kills with style, looks, and finesse.  She’s strong, elegant, and has an adorable side outside of battle.  She’s easily rushing to the top of my most favored characters ever, and I want to see more of her!

Rin Suzunoki

This poor girl!  Rin caught my attention in a figure release quite a while back, but I never prepared myself for her capturing me quite this much when I started watching the series.  She’s a very misunderstood character that seems to always find misfortune.

Misfortune is often displayed in her flashbacks from when she was a child.  With probably the most reckless of fathers, her circumstances always leave me laughing, but yet thinking “Oh no.. poor baby!!”  I want to hug and protect her, because she always seems to get back up on her feet in the end.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

In the short time we’ve known Shiraishi, we’ve learned more about her than pretty much the entire cast of Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless.  She’s a girl who’s always been an outcast and sought to change that all in her high school debut.

It’s in this struggle, finding a balance of what she once was, and her acceptance with her new friends that makes her attractive in not only looks, but spirit as well.  She’s adorable when seeking love, and she’s lovable when just seeing things slightly incorrectly.  Making her a late arrival, but still solid arrival, to the top cutest characters list of Spring.

With that, we round out another Anime Season with Cutest Character winners. From the crazy, to the most adorable, to the most captivating. Even still, there are many more that couldn’t push their way to the top (but that won’t stop me from picking tons of honorable mentions). All that said, what are your cutest characters of the Spring 2016 Season? Chime in on our forum thread!

Honorable Mentions or Disqualified for Multi-Cour: