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We love anime, and what better way to show our appreciation than spotlighting the companies and sources available to us for keeping anime growing and becoming more available. In this episode of the Animecast, we run through the places you can find your anime fix, 100% legit!

shawneklecknerfeatDiscussions include: Information Sites, News Sites, Anime Distributors, Anime Streamers, Manga Distributors, Manga Apps, Light Novels, Music Distributors, Figure Buying, Visual Novel Distributors, and Memorabilia in General. See below for full site listings.

The intro to this episode is called “Amrita” by Yui Makino which can be found on iTunes. The outro for this episode is called “Scapegoat” by SawanoHiroyuki featuring YOSH which can also be found on iTunes.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Site Mentioned:

Portal and Information Sites:,,,


Anime Streaming:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anime Purchasing:,,,,


Light Novel:,,,



Memorabilia and Artbooks:,,

Visual Novels:

Adult Items, VN, and Manga: (adult), (adult), (adult)