Top 5 Fathers in Anime – 2016 Edition

More so than mothers, fathers are just about non-existent in anime. Perhaps due to the element of salaryman society keeping them locked to their jobs or because of a lack of viewing them as a logical tool for a given storytelling. Despite this, to celebrate Father’s day, here is the top 5 fathers you’ll find in anime!

Warning: While trying to avoid and remain vague, the following descriptions may contain spoilers to their respective shows. If you have not watched the following shows, please make note of their warning level to decide for yourself if you wish to read their descriptions.

Yuuta Segawa
Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father
Spoiler Level: Low

The first of a few fathers that don’t take the role by blood, Yuuta is a special case in that he takes up his role being the guardian of 2 niece-in-laws and a blood related niece.  Either way, his role is obviously that of a father raising 3 girls while also keeping up with his duties as a college student.

Of course, that’s where Yuuta shines the most.  Thrown in an impossible situation, he tries his hardest to manage three girls, his schooling, a job, and a home.  Something seemingly impossible, yet something he desperately pushes to succeed at.  That is because failure would mean his trusting nieces would be separated.

Dragon Ball Z
Spoiler Level: Medium

Probably the only one that poses a threat in the spoiler level area, Vegeta has a significant change over the course of the DBZ series.  From a planet destroying villain, to a rival, to a loved one, and then finally to a father.  Vegeta shocked viewers as the series aired and created a sort of legacy in his fatherhood.

No, he’s still no softy and often comes across as more verbally abusive than supportive.  However, when the rubber meets the pavement, Vegeta manages to show us that he too has care for his family.  Fighting to protect what he realizes is worth protecting and sacrificing everything to protect it.  Rough around the edges, but still a father deep down.

Akio Furukawa
Spoiler Level: Low

Ah, good ol’ Akio.  At first glance, this guy is about as overly carefree as you can get.  A walking comedy act that is overly protective of his family and willing to shove stale bread in his mouth to appease his wife.  Despite this, he managed to bring us one of the cutest heroines in anime history, Nagisa.

Surprisingly enough, the strength of Akio hits on a regular basis in his love for not only Nagisa, but Tomoya as well.  He’s there with support, words of wisdom, and even strength.  Even if it always seems like it’s behind a carefree smile, he’s really a strong father and is tough to beat.

Spoiler Level: Low

The second in the category of father by circumstances but not by blood, Hakuoro is also thrown into a situation where he must take care of two girls after unfortunate events unfold before him.  Having the resemblance of said girls’ late father, he takes them under his wing as the world turns against the people around him.

While one is not so much a child and more a love interest, the other is far too young to be without a strong father figure to keep her guided in a cruel world.  A role of which he handles decently well despite the circumstances.  As things progress further in his role as a commander, this becomes increasingly evident as no one but himself has a strength to protect his cherished children.

Daikichi Kawachi
Bunny Drop
Spoiler Level: Low

Whenever someone asks for a show that you should watch on Father’s Day, Bunny Drop just screams to be suggested.  It’s through and through a father’s tale and can’t really be beat.  While again, Daikichi is not the father of Rin, he takes on the role of being her guardian after no one else would really step up.

He’s a simple salaryman, and has no clue how to raise a child, but over the course of the series, he becomes a father that you want to root for.  While this Top 5 list is not numbered, the love, dedication, and strength he shows as he raises Rin easily would place him at the number one spot.

Some Runner-Ups: Jin Toujou (Testament of Sister New Devil), Kumatetsu (Boy and the Beast), Keisuke Saika (Tari Tari), Souichirou Shimogamo (Eccentric Family), Maes Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist), Handa (Barakamon), Gendo Ikari (Just Kidding!), and Eustoma (Shuffle!) for raising best girl.

That completes it! That is your list of the Top 5 Fathers in Anime. Of course there’s many others, and many of which you may think are better. If you have any, be sure to tell others in the comments below. For sure, the coming Summer and Fall season seems to be bringing us 2 new possible contenders with “Sweetness and Lightning” and “Poco’s Udon World”, so check back in next Father’s Day for a continuing fight for the top! As always, thanks for reading!