Animecast: Lumps Are Fruits of Knowledge


It has been some time since the last Animecast Discussional, so the news is plenty and the questions are piling up. Join in for some fun, news, and confessions that are sure to be usable in blackmail!

handshakersfeatTopics this episode: Konosuba 2, Little Witch Academia TV, Gal Gun, Yuki Yuna, Kizumonogatari, Hatsune Miku and Sega, Asterisk War Phoenix Festa, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni, Trinity Seven Movie, Hand Shakers, March Comes Like A Lion, Show By Rock 2, Gravity Rush 2, Re:Zero Break Time, Anime Expo, Nekopara Anime, and more!

Thanks to SemiBolt, JewDude, MartyAraragi, fullmetal snorlax, Companion Kyuubey, shikakage, Star-K, and Neko for the questions featured in this episode. Thanks to Gregf90 and JonBear007 for the great feedback.

The opening song for this episode is the OP for Show By Rock called “Youth is Non-Stop!” by Plasmagica. The closing song for this episode is the ED for Noragami called “Heart Realize” by Tia.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 2:28:04


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