Cutest Characters: Summer 2016 Edition


Summer 2016 Anime is on the air, and so are the next batch of characters to catch our attention. From the cute, the cuddly, the adorable, and even the waifu material, here is this season’s best!

Note: Any characters carried over from previous seasons have been disqualified to prevent repeat listings.

Takamiya, Naho

Naho is a special case in that we get two very unique perspectives of her throughout the show. One is the perspective of a young, shy, and indecisive girl. The other is one of a wife, mother, and someone determined to undo what has been done.

It’s through this that we see so many colors of Naho’s personality that makes her difficult not to take notice of. Not only that, but thanks to the very beautiful art style of the series, she’s darn pretty to look at too. Especially in her more.. indecisive moments.

Hoshino, Yumemi

So what if she’s a robot?! I want to protect her! Yumemi technically a single operation focused machine, but thanks to Key’s usual “I’ll rip your heart out” style, she ends up creating more personality and character than 98% of your typical shows.

It’s the joy of the little things and ignorance of the destruction around her. Even if she has a single focus, it’s adorable when she trips up when hooked on that focus. Speaking of tripping, yes, she trips over something she just warned someone to avoid. It’s moe!

Usami, Mizuki
The Art Club Has A Problem

Ah, the poor unrequited love tragedy girl. We can’t help but want to comfort them in their sad endeavor. Not only is Mizuki downright adorable, but she also has a strong determination and lovable crush mode that you just want to cheer on. Watching her get overjoyed at a cell phone number, priceless…

Of course, what makes her all the more irresistible is the fact that she’s voiced by Ari Ozawa. Yes, the very same lovable voice that brought Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun to life. Are we seeing a pattern here? Both are adorable, both are tragically in love with a clueless artist, and both are too cute chasing after it?

Kurosawa, Ruby
Love Live! Sunshine!!

Yeah, so Ruby is best girl. Want to fight?  I’m sure this will probably be one of the more “controversial” picks of this list, mainly because everyone has a best girl in the Love Live battles, but Ruby has been the most stand out of the rest of the girls thus far.

Perhaps it’s due to her being the first to have a significant struggle from the rest of the girls.  Or because she seemingly has the most love for it, in secrecy.  Her shyness while at the same time breaking out for a temporary subconscious burst of curiosity is just too cute.  Match that with her character design and clinginess to her friend and she’s easily a pick of the season.

Inuzuka, Tsumugi
Sweetness and Lightning

Kyaaaaaaa~! Tsumugi is the child we all want, wanted, or never had. She’s a precious ball of adorable that seeks to melt our hearts each and every week we watch her.

Not only that, but we get a great perspective in the series of her father seeking to give her happiness in such a short time beyond tragedy. It’s just too much to handle and each experience with her is filled with joy, happiness, and sorrow. Easily giving her the “I want to protect and hug this child forever” award.

There you have it! That’s the top 5 cutest characters of Summer 2016. Now, they won’t match everyone’s taste, besides Tsumugi (you’re evil if you don’t like Tsumugi), so we’re dying to hear your ideas! Got some solid picks for the Summer 2016 Season? Chime in on our forum thread!

Honorable Mentions or Disqualified for Multi-Cour: