Animecast: Fall 2016 Anime Spoilercast


The Fall season is just about wrapped up, so what better time to jump into some spoiler discussion on some of the more interesting series of the season? Or maybe less interesting series as well! Join the hosts, give a listen, and be sure to mind the spoilers!

fall2016spoilercastfeatWarning: This podcast episode is fair game for all spoilers. If you have not watched a series listed in the time stamps below, please avoid listening during those time frames.

3:15-5:17 Anime De Training Xx
5:18-5:50 Aooni The Blue Monster
5:51-10:17 Bloodivores
10:18-21:04 Brave Witches
21:05-27:02 Bubuki Buranki 2
27:03-34:56 Bungou Stray Dogs 2
34:57-38:12 Drifters
38:13-45:25 Flip Flappers
45:29-49:41 Girlish Number
49:42-55:12 Izetta the Last Witch
55:15-1:00:14 Keijo
1:00:15-1:02:13 Kiitaro’s Yokai Picture Book
1:02:16-1:04:32 Kiss Him Not Me
1:04:35-1:13:27 Selector Incited WIXOSS
1:13:28-1:24:39 Magical Girl Raising Project
1:25:26-1:30:57 Occultic Nine
1:31:20-1:35:05 Sound Euphonium 2
1:35:09-1:38:04 WWWWorking

The opening song for this episode is the OP for Bubuki Buranki 2 called “Reiro taru Kaze” by Megumi Han. The closing song for this episode is the ED for Kiss Him Not Me called “Dokidoki no Kaze” by Rie Murakawa.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:42:59


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