Animecast: Amazon Tells Netflix To Hold His Drink


It’s been some time since the Otaku Spirit Animecast have held a discussional podcast episode and there’s tons to talk about. Join the hosts as they get caught up on news and give their take on the happenings in the anime (and Japanese video game) world!

amazontellsnetflixfeatTopics this episode: Discotek license rescues, Made In Abyss Anime, Little Busters Kud Wafter Anime, Kuma Miko Mangaka’s New Manga, Nekopara Anime Kickstarter, Seven Seas’ New Licenses, Seven Seas and J-Novel Printing, Kodansha Licenses, Atlus USA and Utawarerumono Games, NISA and Anime Licenses, Funimation Simuldubs, Amazon launches Anime Strike, Second Season of Yuki Yuna, Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tones, Nintendo Switch Conference, MyAnimeList Editing Debacle, and much more!

Thanks to Companion Kyuubey and jeckyllgeek for the questions featured in this episode. Thanks to Mythbustman for the great review!

The opening song for this episode is the OP for Actually I Am called “Himitsu o Chōdai” by Ars Magna. The closing song for this episode is the OP for Key Metal Idol called “In the Night” by Sario Kijima.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 2:01:46


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