Animecast: Nozomi Needs YOU To Save Aria!


The face of anime is shifting once again as Funimation is bought up, Netflix acquires more titles, and Daisuki closes its doors. Listen in and get the latest of news and opinions from the hosts of the Animecast!

nozomiwantsyourtosaveariafeatTopics this episode: Kaspersky moetified, Juni Taisen to Crunchyroll, Your Name Sales, Gundam Seed Remaster, Attack on Titan Lost Girls OVA, Kizumonogatari Part 3 and Koyomimonogatari western release, Junji Ito’s anime, Shakugan no Shana’s Return, Stream of Gundam Origins Episode 5, Aokana Switch Version, Kud Wafter Crowdfunding update, Fate Extra PV, Land of Lustrous, Dagashi Kashi Season 2, Funimation Releases, Crunchyroll Streams, Netflix Licenses and Releases, Netflix’s Japan Influence, Funimation bought by Sony, Daisuki Closing, and much more!

Thanks to thegenkiguy and Crash Kamio for the great questions featured in this episode! Thanks to Deba-kun for the great feedback!

The intro music for this episode called “Watashikobutachikku” by Bonjour Suzuki and can be found on iTunes. The outro music for this episode is called “Undine” by Yui Makino and can be found on iTunes.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:57:29


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