Animecast: Ryuk Will Eat Your Pancreas


Netflix Death Note, Studio Ghibli, and new studio openings are hot button topics on this episode of the Discussional Animecast. Listen in and hear what the hosts have to say about the recent news of the otaku world!

ryukwanttoeatyourpancreasfeatTopics this episode: AIOCO Manga, Kimi No Suizou Wo Tabetai (I want to Eat Your Pancreas) Adaptation, Kaiju Girls Season 2, Life Size Unicorn Gundam, iQIYI Chinese Co-Pro, Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, Tenshou’s studio Bibury Animation, Aria Kickstarter Update, New Crunchyroll Streams, New Applicants at Studio Ghibli, Discotek Licenses, ToraCon Otaku Marriage Stats, Crunchyroll getting into Game Publishing, Secret of Mana Remake, dot Hack GU HD Remaster, Senran Kagura Peach Beach Blast, Type Moon and Marvelous new Extella work, Netflix Death Note Review, and much more!

Thanks to Stash Brannigan, BlueSpark, Star-K, and Scribblenog for the great questions featured in this episode! Thanks to Greatrush and animelover22 for the great feedback!

The intro music for this episode is the OP for Sunday Without God called “Birth” by Eri Kitamura. The outro music for this episode is the OP2 for A Lull in the Sea called “ebb and flow” by Ray.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:49:30


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