Animecast: Best Anime of 2017 Awards


The votes have been tallied up, and with the conclusion of the Otaku Spirit Host Deliberations, it’s time to sit down and give the results of the best anime of 2017. Join the hosts and special guest Logan of Anime Arcade as they run through theirs and the community’s picks for best anime of 2017.

bestanime2017featAwards for 2017: Best of Winter, Best of Spring, Best of Summer, Best of Fall, Best Short, Best Film, Best Animation, Best Art, Best Opening, Best Ending, Worst Show, Biggest Disappointment, Biggest Surprise, Best Girl, Best Guy, and Best Anime of 2017!

A special thank you goes out to Logan from and our wonderful community for making this episode happen.

The opening song for this episode is the OP for KADO The Right Answer called “Tabiji” by Saraka Tsukai starring Mao Ichimichi. The outro for this episode is the ED2 for March Comes In Like A Lion called “orion” by Kenshi Yonezu.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 3:04:06


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