Animecast: Best Anime of 2019 Deliberations Part 2

It’s finally time to close the book on the fantastic 2019 year of anime. Join the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast as they run through a 4 part deliberation series of podcast and give their take on the best of each category.

Please note: Deliberation episodes are intended to be nearly unfiltered and lightly edited. These were recorded over hours of deliberations and, while a bit of dead air was removed, it may have points of silence. This isn’t a reflection of our typical podcast episodes that are heavily edited for better listening experience.

Deliberations covered in this episode: Horror/Psychological, Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, Slice of Life, Romance, Sports, Military, Mystery/Supernatural, Magical Girl/Boy, Healing/Relaxing, and Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

The opening for this episode is the OP for The Promised Neverland called “Touch Off” by UVERworld. The closing for this episode is the ED2 for Kaguya-sama Love Is War called “Chika tto Chika Chika” by Fujiwara Chika (Kohara Konomi).

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:22:32

Links to each part of this series of deliberations:

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