311) Tsukimonogatari

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311) Tsukimonogatari

Post by Andrew »

The tale of Koyomi Araragi continues on in the tale of Yotsugi Doll. As the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast dive into Tsukimonogatari, they found quite a bit to be refreshing in this segment.

Note: Due to being so far into the series, this review will be a full spoiler review of the story and its contents. If you have not watched Tsukimonogatari you should avoid this episode.

Opening this episode is the OP for Tsukimonogatari called “Orange Mint” by Yotsugi Ononoki (Saori Hayami). The closing for this episode is the ED for Tsukimonogatari called “border” by ClariS.

We hope you all enjoy!
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Re: 311) Tsukimonogatari

Post by michelous »

Currently reading novels and am in the middle bakemonogatari 3 and am waiting for next season of the anime from I know the 4th arc is the adult arc And I know there are supposed to be sex scenes ( I am
Not sure if I hit the first or not )
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