Winter 2017 Schedule

Winter 2017 Anime Season

**Times are subject to change as deemed necessary by broadcasters and streaming services**

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All times are Central Time (GMT-5). Up to date as of 16Jan2017.

CR = Crunchyroll AN = AnimeNetwork FN = Funimation Dub
DS = Daisuki AZ = Amazon NF = Netflix

3:00am MSG Iron-Blooded Orphans CR DS
8:30am Tales of Zestiria The X 2 FN DS
10:30am Idol Incidents CS
11:00am elDlive CS
11:30am Nyanko Days CS
1:17pm Yamishibai CR
1:35pm Gintama CR
5:55am Puzzle and Dragons X CR FN
10:00am Gabriel DropOut CR
11:35am Trickster CR FN
12:35pm Chiruran 1/2 CR
1:05pm Yowamushi Pedal New Gen CR
9:00am Ninja Girl & Samurai Master CR
10:00am ACCA CR FN
10:30am Ai Mai Mi CR
12:00pm Hand Shakers CR FN
1:05pm Kemono Friends CR
2:30pm Nanbaka CR FN
6:00pm Monster Strike CR
6:00am Twin Star Exorcists CR
8:00am Akiba’s Trip CR FN
8:00am Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid CR FN
9:30am Piacevole CR
11:00am Chaos Child CR FN
11:30am One Room CR
12:35pm Konosuba 2 CR
2:00pm Case Closed CR
Scum’s Wish AZ
4:55am Naruto Shippuden CR
10:00am Masamune-kun’s Revenge CR
10:30am Marginal #4 CR
10:40am Koro Sensei Quest CR FN
11:00am Super Lovers 2 CR
11:30am All Out! CR FN
Urara Meirocho AZ AN
9:30am Saga of Tanya The Evil CR FN
10:00am Fuuka CR FN
11:00am High School Girls Cycling Club CR
11:30am Schoolgirl Strikers CR
12:30pm Blue Exorcist CR DS
2:45pm Showa Genroku Rakugo Shiju 2 CR
7:00pm Bono Bono CR
9:30pm Future Card Buddyfight CR
12:00am Seiren CR
5:00am ClassicaLoid CR
6:00am Time Bokan 24 CR
8:30am Spiritpact CR
10:00am Rewrite 2 CR
11:00am March Comes In Like A Lion CR
11:30am Interview With Monster Girls CR FN
12:45pm Sengokuchojyugiga CR
1:25pm Chain Chronicles CR FN
2:00pm BanG Dream AN
2:45pm Tiger Mask W CR
6:00pm Heybot CR
7:15pm Dragon Ball Super CR DS FN
7:30pm Folktales From Japan CR
7:40pm Cardfight Vanguard CR
9:00pm Monster Hunter Stories CR FN

Special Schedule Shows
Little Witch Academia Release After Series End on Netflix

Unlicensed Shows
Digimon Universe
Kirakira Precure