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Animecast: Fall 2014 Review Part 3

Cute pillows, meltdown moe, cute drama, and chess battlefields!  The Animecast is here to wrap up the final of the Fall 2014 Anime Reviews!  They may be the “rest” of the reviews, but there’s still some good to be had. Read more »

Five Odd Similarities in the Fall 2014 Anime Season


Each season of anime comes with similarities that can be good or bad. Common tropes and archetypes can please some while annoy others. Though there are a few similarities that manage to shock those with a good memory. Read more »

Cutest Characters: Fall 2014 Edition

Fall of 2014 brings us not only a slew of fantastic new and returning anime titles, but also a group of anime cuties for us to adore and maybe call waifu.  They aren’t too hard to spot, but definitely hard to break down into a list of only five.  Here to steal or even break your hearts, this is our list of the top five cutest characters of the Fall 2014 season of anime!   Read more »

Animecast: Fall 2014 Mid-Season Review Part 1


The season has had time to pan out most of its shows, so it’s time to give everyone an update on our thoughts of the 2014 Fall anime line-up. The goods and bads of this season. Highlighting 5 shows for our first segment, we address everything from guys transforming into girls and cute aliens. Read more »

Animecast: Fall 2014 First Impressions


The dust has settled on the arrival of the Fall 2014 Anime Season, and it’s time for us to give our first thoughts on how they are shaping up. Join us for this epic run down of a good portion of the shows, while also running down a few rabbit holes. It’s a long journey, and we hope you enjoy! Read more »

Episode 2 Impressions: Celestial Method

While the saucer remains a mystery as it floats about the town, in this installment of Celestial Method we manage to get a bit of insight into the effects that it has on the residence of the small lake-side town. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Celestial Method


A girl returning to her hometown after many years of separation. Recalling memories and promises that once were made. Mending friendship long forgotten. All under the mysterious glow of an unknown saucer. Read more »