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Episode 5 Impressions: Yatterman Night


Still struggling for money, the Doronjo team finds themselves faced with a possible cash-in as the Yatter Kingdom holds “The First Wacky Martial Arts Tournament.” Except, it doesn’t seem like Yatterman are playing fair in this game. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


Humans and ghouls, intertwined in various ways, had begun their fated fights at Cochlea. The exposure of multiple themes and layers attached to these fights signify an impending climax. Which species will go home as the victor? Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


Shinichi might be in the clear after a near battle with Tamiya, but it seems sometimes humans are more disgusting than parasytes as Shinichi has a run in with a local gang. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Hak seems to be dead set on his plans to leave the Wind Clan in order to protect them, leaving Yona to live in disguise and protection. However as the truth of the Fire Clan’s actions weigh on Yona, there must be more she can do. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The balance of powers continues to run chaotic as Heaven’s forces attempt to contain the power of the unleashing Bahamut. Creating a large seal around it and desperately awaiting reinforcements. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


It seems the good nature of Shirou will be the end of him as he continues to not take the situation he’s in serious enough. Much to Rin’s dislike. Although he’s in for yet another rude awakening as his school is under attack from the shadows. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Christmas is coming up, and with it comes dreams of romantic dates with that special loved one. Though things aren’t so glamorous for Erika as she attempts to get Kyoya to see the special side to the season. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Even with the departure in our previous episode, the show must go on as we continue the fight against the terraformars. Thankfully, once again, we avoid the deadly sight of censorship and mark a new age of clear-viewing pleasure. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


A storm is coming, while cheesy, may be a fitting phase for the recent episode of Sailor Moon Crystal as we welcome in the latest sailor scout!  Unfortunately, as with all of the scouts, what dark introduction awaits her? Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Things are definitely heating up for Nine and Twelve as they end up biting off more than they can chew.  Seems that their game of cat and mouse has caught up with them as a new opponent enters the scene.  An opponent that has them in fear. Read more »